Attractions LondonLondon is for sure one of the best, and most exciting cities in the world. It always brings surprises, it is romantic, it is modern and old-fashioned at the same time, impressing and colorful. And, even though most people say that it rain all the time, it really does not.

London is a giant city with lots of inhabitants, and besides all the people living here, you have millions of tourists coming throughout the entire year. In some parts of town it is almost too crowded, and from the famous red buses people jump on and off on the most strange locations.

Whenever you go to London, you will for sure get to enjoy yourself. If you plan to see all the most important attractions, plan to spend several days in London. With all the museums, attractions, parks and activities in London, a life is too short to see and experience it all. But, you can at least try! Good luck!

Attractions in London