Rodin and the art of ancient Greece [Exhibition]

RodinThe French sculptor Auguste Rodin visited London in 1881, and as he saw sculptures from Greece in the British Museum, he was greatly inspired. If you return to the museum today, you can see the result!

The exhibition in itself is a proof of the importance of art museums. If it hadn’t been for the British Museum in 1881, Auguste Rodin wouldn’t have seen the beautiful Greek sculptures in the museum, and his career might have moved in a different path. But, luckily the British Museum was alive back then, and it still is today.

A lot of the sculptures that Rodin saw in the museum back then was in poor shape and lacked heads and other parts. This led Rodin to make sculptures in the same way, without heads. Now, a long time after his death, you can see a large collection of the works of Rodin at this temporary exhibition in the British Museum. And to make it even more interesting, the exhibition will feature Rodin’s work next to some of the original sculptures from Greece that inspired Rodin back in 1881.

Rodin and the art of ancient Greece [Exhibition]

British Museum
Apri 26th – July 29th

We hope you will enjoy the exhibition and your stay in London. For more information about others events and happenings in London, take a look around in our London Guide.

All Points East Festival in London 2018 (Bjork)

There will be some fantastic days in London in the Victoria Park in May 2018. Lots of artists will come to take part in the All Points East festival, and one of the highlights will be the Bjork concerts.

We do not know exactly when Bjork will perform during the All Points East festival, but sometime between May 25th and 27th, she will for sure. It is possible to buy tickets for single days, or for the entire event at Viagogo if you would like to be there at the event. You can check the homepage of the All Points East festival right here.

Bjork London

Since we do not know when the actual Bjork concert will be during the festival will be yet, it is hard to say anything. But, we do know that Bjork is an amazing artist with a voice that you can recognize easily on the radio whenever you hear it. She is not only an artist, she is also a pioneer. Last year she became the first famous artist to give away cryptocurrency to those purchasing her album. Everyone buying a piece of her newest album got 100 Audiocoins together with the album. Back then the value of 100 Audiocoins were about 0,19 USD. Today the value is around 0,6 Dollar, meaning that her gift is worth three times more today than when the album was originally released. Are you hodling those Audiocoins? What is hodling? A few years ago some guy wrote hodl instead of hold (when he spoke of the importance of holding your cryptocurrency as the value will increase with time), and since then, hodl has turned into a commonly used expression in the crypto-society. The Audiocoin is still a small cryptocurrency compared to the hundred biggest currencies, but maybe it will increase in size and power in the coming years. If more artists decide to do as Bjork, it for sure will!

Are you going to the All Points East festival?

It doesn’t sound like the coolest event to us. Bjork is cool, but there are so many other great places to go and visit in London, so we would probably listen to Bjork at a concert somewhere else in the world, and spend our money elsewhere in London!


BBC to stream the Winter Olympics in the UK

Did you know that BBC will broadcast the Winter Olympics in the United Kingdom? You might think that this will be a giant production, but Winter sports are not at all as popular in the United Kingdom as in the United States.

In the United States, NBC will broadcast the events taking place during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South-Korea. They will have live broadcasts from everything taking place, but that is not so with BBC in the United Kingdom. They will broadcast quite some events online, but not all, simply due to lack of interest for the event in England.

London in February

London is beautiful in February as well!

They do not have many athletes taking part in the Winter Olympics, and thus the locals do not care much about what happens in South Korea. Considering the fact that most events will take place while the people in England sleep, or just woke up, doesn’t make things better.

Would you like to find out more about how you can watch BBC online? Check out BBC from abroad for more information. Would you rather read general information about how you can watch the Winter Olympics online? Click the link.

What kind of winter weather to expect in London in February?

While it is snowing in quite a lot of cities and nations around in Europe today, the people in London enjoy temperatures around 7 Celsius. You might get some rain, but you should not have to worry about snow as you come to London in February.

Are you looking for some great activity to do in London as you come? Why not visit a museum like the British Museum or Tate Modern? They have great permanent and temporary exhibitions, and you will learn a lot, instead of freezing as you walk outside in the streets of London.


Christmas markets in London 2017

Have you heard about the amazing Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park? Or maybe the Southbank Centre Winter Festival? Find the dates for the most popular Christmas markets in London.

The most famous of all Christmas markets in London is the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Here you can go ice-skating, eat and drink, and of course, buy lots of products and cool stuff to bring back home with you. In 2017 the Christmas market in Hyde Park will open on November 17th, and it will remain open daily until January 1st (except for December 25th). It is free to enter the area, but you will have to pay for some of the activities and activities available in the area.

View from Christmas market in London

Enjoy this view as you visit the Christmas market between the Tower Bridge and London Bridge – By melis

The second most popular Christmas market is most likely the Southbank Centre Winter Festival. At this market, you will have plenty of opportunities to do some Christmas shopping, and there will also be several events from the stage which will bring Christmas atmosphere to everyone visiting. In 2017 the Southbank Centre Winter Festival will be open from December 1st until January 2nd.

In the area between the Tower Bridge and London bridge, you will find the Christmas market often referred to as Christmas by the river. Walk along the river and enjoying the stunning view towards the Tower of London and Tower Bridge while doing your Christmas shopping. The market will be open between November 30th and January 3rd.

More Christmas markets in London

There will also be big Christmas markets in Tate Modern and at several other locations in London, but we do not have the dates for those markets yet. If you know more than we do, please write a comment beneath and let us know about it.

You can read more information in general about the Christmas markets in London right here.


Stunning paintings and pastels from Degas [National Gallery exhibition]

Edgar Degas is a famous artist who lived between 1834 and 1917. His full name was Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, but most people refer to him simply as Degas.

The Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland, holds one of the largest Degas collections in the world. Leaving Scotland for the first time together you can now see a collection of 20 pastels from Degas in this temporary exhibition in the National Gallery in London. Degas liked to experiment, and he fell especially in love with the pastels. For that reason, he stood out amongst the Impressionists, and that is what you can discover for yourself as you visit this exhibition.

Degas from Burrell

Drawn in Colour: Degas from the Burrell

September 20th – May 7th
National Gallery

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