Hotels in LondonLondon is an amazing city with lots of hotels where you can live while in London. You can find very luxurious hotels like the Marriott Hotel by Thames, but you can also find cheaper options if you are planning to spend more money on sightseeing and restaurants, than on your hotel.

We are featuring some hotels in our London Guide. If you have been to any of them, write a short review to share your thoughts on the hotel with our readers. Look around, find a hotel that seems interesting and go ahead and make your booking online today. Do not forget that the location of your hotel is very important, so make sure to find a hotel in the area you would like to stay, or at least close to a metro station.

Hotels in London

Some hotels have free WiFi, while you have to pay extra for it in other hotels. No matter what, make sure to read the following advices concerning privacy and protecting your own personal data when using open networks in hotels and restaurants.