Transportation in LondonIf you have time, it is worth trying to check out London on foot. There are a lot of attractions and interesting things that can only be seen if you walk around, so you should try it out. But, as you get tired in your legs it is always useful using some sort of transportation vehicle. One of the symbols of London is the red buses. You can see them everywhere, and it is a cool program to go with them. Go up the stairs and sit on the “gallery” and enjoy the view from there. There are buses going everywhere all the time, so if just going by bus for some hours can be an amazing program. Be aware that people jump on and of buses all the time, not always waiting for an official bus stop! If you stand waiting for a bus, make sure to wave to the driver to make sure that he stops. If none gives a signal to the driver on the waiting spot or inside the bus, the driver just drives by. If you take the bus you need to get on the bus in front (and show your ticket to the driver or to the ticket machine).

If there were no metro in London, it would be impossible to move above the ground. The 12 metro lines are more important than anything when it comes to transporting the citizens of London every single day.

There are several places where you can rent a car in London, but that is only good for those used to drive with the steering wheel on the right side. They do not only have the steering wheel on the right side, but the cars drive on the left side of the road. If you are not used to it, you might want to grab a taxi instead.

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