London RestaurantsLondon has numerous restaurants located all around the city, and it is almost like a big market where you have to find the right one in a jungle of offers. We can of course not feature all restaurants in London, but we have selected a couple of very popular and good restaurants which will hopefully meet your criteria and your requirements. Take a look and read on, and please come back and write a comment on the restaurant page to share your experience after visiting.

London and England is known for Fish&Chips and lots of other dishes, but you can also find a whole lot of restaurant specialising in the gastronomy of other nations. So, you will for sure be able to find a restaurant serving exactly the food you are looking for!

Restaurants in London

If you are planing on using your portable device in a restaurant or cafe in London, make sure to read the following security advices to make sure that none can steal your private information as you use open networks around in London and elsewhere.