Just next to the London Eye, opposite the Big Ben and the Parliament, London Aquarium can be found. The aquarium was opened in 1997, and it has 2 floors, 14 rooms and more than 50 aquariums. Here you can see the life in the fresh- and the salt water. Since 2011 penguins can be found in the aquarium.

Some of the most important happenings in the aquarium:
* 11.30 – Feeding the rays
* 13.00 – Feeding in the rain forest
* 14.30 – Feeding the sharks
* 15.30 – feeding in the coral reef
* 16.30 – feeding in the rain forest.

Useful information:
Metro: Westminster / Waterloo
Openings times: 10.00-18.00
Entrance fee: £32 (adults) –

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