C. Amusement Park

Chessington Amusement Park

Chessington World of Adventures is an amusement park 20 kilometres from the centre of London. If you are in for some fun and and exciting activities, this is the place to go. Here everyone will find some interesting activites, from the very nice ones to the more scary programs like a roller coaster. A visit to the Chessington World of Adventures can easily be a full day program.

For more information on the amusement park we recommend the official homepage of the park: http://www.chessington.com/

How to get to the park? There are several ways, for example with train from Waterloo, Chapham Junction or Wimbledon and then you take the train to Chessington South. There is a 10 minute walk from the train station to the park. You can also use bus 465 or 467 to get to the park.

Useful information:
Entrance fee: £38 (cheaper if you book online – Cheaper tickets at Attractiontix)
Opening times: From March 23rd – September 30th between 10.00-17.00 (sometimes longer)