London Guide

Many people say that if you would like to see the world, it is enough to visit London. London, the capital of England is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and more people live in this city than in many countries around in Europe. It has more than 13 million inhabitants, and as mentioned, all cultures are represented in the city of London, and you can hear as many as 300 different languages as you walk around on the streets of London. London is fantastic, amazing, colourful, old- and still modern. In this city everyone can feel at home, and all nations, colors and religions are represented here.

In our London Guide you will be able to find useful information about attractions, including the four locations which can be found at the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, activities like the popular London Eye, the Aquariam, London Dungeon and more, restaurants, both with and without Michelin stars, hotels in all star categories and price classes, transportation and similar interesting topics. London also gives home to some of the most famous football-clubs in the world, so you can also read about Premier League clubs in London. We always try to add nice pictures to our articles, to make reading even more interesting. And if you come to London and wonder if there are anything special going on while you are there, check out what is going on in London to find a list of concerts, exhibitions, events, festivals and more. So enjoy our London Guide, and enjoy London!

We wish you a wonderful trip and some amazing days in London!

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