The British Parliament, also known as the “Palace of Westminster”, gives home to the upper- and the lower house. This is one of the largest Parliament buildings in the entire world, consisting of more than 1200 rooms. The original building unfortunately burned down, but one part of it remained (originally from 1097), which today is known as the Westminster Hall. The rest of the building was raised between 1834 and 1864.

Next to the Parliament you can find the famous Big Ben, and on the other side of the building you can find Westminster Abbey. All three buildings can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

It is possible to enter into the Parliament on a guided tour. Such a tour is recommended if you would like to see the building where they make the most important decisions in England.

Useful information:
Entrance fee: £15 (every Saturday between 9:15-16:30)
Metro: Westminster

Parliament of London

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