Big Ben

If you want to visit one of London’s most iconic landmarks, Big Ben, you are at the right place. Big Ben is actually the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster. Still, it has become synonymous with the entire clock tower and is one of the most recognizable symbols of London. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Big Ben.

Big Ben

History and Origin of Big Ben

Big Ben was completed in 1859 and is officially known as the Elizabeth Tower. It was designed by architect Augustus Pugin and named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the commissioner of works at the time of construction. The tower is 315 feet tall and has become an iconic symbol of London.

Why is Big Ben so Popular Among Tourists Today?

Big Ben is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, with thousands of visitors flocking to the tower each year. The tower’s striking design and historical significance make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to London. In addition, the bell ringing on the hour has become a quintessential part of London’s soundscape.

Entrance Fee and Opening Times

Unfortunately, the inside of the Elizabeth Tower is not open to the public for general visits. However, visitors can still view the tower from the outside and take in its stunning architecture and history. The tower is illuminated at night, making it a beautiful sight after the sun goes down.

Buses to Big Ben

If you’re looking to visit Big Ben, there are several buses you can take to get there. Some of the most popular routes include:

  • Bus 11: This route starts at Fulham Broadway and ends at Liverpool Street Station, passing by many of London’s famous landmarks, including Big Ben.
  • Bus 88: This route starts at Clapham Common and ends at Camden Town, passing by Big Ben and other popular tourist destinations such as the London Eye and Trafalgar Square.
  • Bus RV1: This route runs from Covent Garden to Tower Gateway and passes by Big Ben along the way.

Other Ways to Get to Big Ben

In addition to taking a bus, there are several other transportation options for getting to Big Ben. You can take the London Underground to Westminster station, just a short walk from the tower. You can also take a boat along the River Thames to get a unique view of the tower from the water.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a trip to London and want to see one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, Big Ben is a must-visit destination. While you can’t go inside the tower, there are many ways to admire its stunning design and its historical significance. So whether you take a bus, ride the Tube, or hop on a boat, make time to visit Big Ben during your trip to London.

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