Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the world oldest and England’s oldest castle with people still living in it. It is still functioning today as the residence of the royal family of England. Windsor is located only 30km from London, and it is for sure worth a visit.

You can enter into the castle with a ticket, and when you have bought this you can visit five different places. The garden is also beautiful, and it can be a perfect location for a romantic walk. Queen Elisabeth spends several weekends in Windsor Castle every year.

How to get to Windsor Castle?
Take the train from London Waterloo to Windsor Riverside.
If you would rather join in on an organized tour, visit this site.

Entrance fee:
The entrance fee for adults to Windsor Castle is around £17. Discounts are available for students, pensioners and children.

Openings times:
Open normally from 10.00 until 17.00 (you need to arrive latest 1h 30min before Windsor Castle closes to get in)

Windsor Castle