Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is one of the most famous football clubs in England and by tradition, they are always a team to take into consideration as one make guesses for who will win the upcoming Premier League season. They have been going strong since their foundation back in 1882 and their home field is White Hart Lane.

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Tottenham information

Short History

Tottenham is a club located in London, where it was founded in 1882. This makes them one of the three big London clubs, and the derbys between these teams have been highlights since long ago. The other two big London teams are Arsenal and Chelsea, of which the Tottenham vs Arsenal derby is the tensest and what is known to be the battle of North London. Tottenham has been winning quite a lot of trophees throughout their history, but in the latter years, little gold and glory have been won by the Spurs. Their last big victory was the League Cup in 2008.

Famous Players

The player with most matches in total for Tottenham is Steve Perryman which has played more than 850 matches in the Tottenham kit. Jimmy Greaves is the most scoring Tottenham player throughout history, but besides these there are lots of famous players who have been playing for Tottenham, for example Teddy Sheringham, Jermain Defoe, Bobby Smith, Peter Crouch, Gareth Bale, Duka Modrid, Dimitar Berbatov, Erik Thorstvedt, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, Rafael van der Vaart, Jurgen Klinsmann, David Ginola, Steffen Iversen, Glenn Hoddle and many more!

In the present Tottenham squad the biggest stars are Harry Kane, Emmanuel Adebayor, Christian Eriksen, Hugo Lloris, Nabil Bentalab and Roberto Soldado.


Between 1898 and 2020, the White Hart Lane was the home ground for the Tottenham Hotspur. This, however, changed recently as Tottenham moved to the brand new stadium named Tottenham Hotspur stadium. This is a fantastic stadium with a fantastic atmosphere. The new stadium has capacity for more than 60,000 people!

Tottenham tickets

Would you like to be there at White Hart Lane to watch Tottenham play against one of the other Premier League clubs? Or maybe you would like to follow Tottenham as they visit another arena and play some other Premier League team or another European team in an International tournament somewhere? Buy your tickets early!

Watch Tottenham online

With a really high number of fans all around the world there are tens of thousands of people out there all the time looking for information on how they can watch Tottenham Hotspur online as they face opponents both in the Premier League and in European competitions such as Europe League, Champions League and so on. There is no answer that will give you the solution to everything at the same time, but a good start will be to read our article on how to watch the Premier League online. In that article, you will find information on how to watch the different Premier League matches online, and thus you can also get insight in how to watch the Tottenham matches. You can find the article describing how to do so here.

If Tottenham should qualify for the Champions League, then you can read more about watching them online in their Champions League matches here.

To find out how to watch the FA Cup matches online, read more in our how-to guides.

As you understand, there isn’t any easy way to explain how you can watch Tottenham online, but there are ways in which it can be solved and fixed, and as you read through the articles we have linked to you will hopefully find the information you are looking for. If you have questions or comments, just write!

Go Spurs!

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