Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is an American restaurant chain started by two Americans in 1971. But, where did they start Hard Rock Cafe? It all started in London, and today you can still find Hard Rock Cafe in the heart of London, not far from Hyde Park. Since then more than 150 Hard Rock Cafe’s have been opened around the world, in more than 50 different countries. On the walls of Hard Rock Cafe in London you can find the objects, signatures and similar objects from rock stars, and on the menu you can find drinks, shots, hamburgers, fajitas, fries, steaks and other tasty American food. Hard Rock Cafe is not the cheapest, but the quality is normally very good.

You will of course find a Hard Rock Shop inside the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in London. The nearest metro stop is Hyde Park Corner.

Hard Rock Cafe London
150 Old Park Ln  London, Greater London W1K 1QZ

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