Olivia Rodrigo London

Maybe you first met Olivia Rodrigo as she played a role in the Disney TV show named “High School Musical?” Or was it as you listened to the song “Drivers License?” No matter what made you like Olivia Rodrigo in the first place, now you can see her as she will come to London in 2024 to have four concerts in the popular O2 Arena. Would you like to know more about the concerts? Are you looking for a place to buy tickets for the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in London?

Olivia Rodrigo is a famous singer and actress. She became really popular in 2021 with her song “Drivers License.” People liked the song because it talked about love and heartbreak in a way that many could relate to. Olivia is also known for her role in the Disney TV show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” She’s young but very talented, and lots of people enjoy her music and acting.

The first concert in London will be held on May 14th, followed by a concert on May 15th. After that, she will have one day to relax. Maybe she will go for a walk on Oxford Street, look at an exhibition in the National Gallery, or go for a ride with London Eye? I have no clue, but I know that she will be back on the stage in the O2 Arena on May 17th and May 18th. After that, she will travel to Antwerp in Belgium, before she will travel to the Netherlands where she will hold two concerts in Amsterdam.

Olivia Rodrigo London 2024

  • Location: O2 Arena
  • Dates: May 14, 15, 17 & 18
  • Tickets: Viagogo

You should visit the official ticket sites to see if they have any tickets left first. If all tickets are gone, then use the link above to buy tickets directly from others. It might be more expensive than the original prices, but if it is important for you to be there at one of the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in London, then that might be a price you are willing to pay.

Did you know that the song “Drivers License” has been played more than 2,000,000,000 times on Spotify? That is one crazy number, and it is listened to more than even the most popular songs of Taylor Swift. Her second and third most popular songs are “Deja vu” and “Traitor.”

Are there any other events in London in May?

There are lots of things happening in London throughout the year. There are lots of fantastic permanent exhibitions in the popular London museums, and there are always interesting temporary exhibitions. Besides that, you have permanent activities such as the aquarium, London Dungeon, London Eye, and trips on the River Thames, and then you can visit popular attractions such as the Tower of London and other popular buildings.

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30 Seconds to Mars London

The popular band 30 Seconds to Mars will perform in the O2 Arena in London on April 23 in 2024. Does this sound like a valid excuse to leave the family at home and travel to the beautiful city of London on what will hopefully be a beautiful spring day in the English capital?

30 Seconds to March will spend a large part of 2024 touring the world. The tour starts in Glasgow on April 16th, and after that, the band will tour all of Europe before it heads back to the United States where it will travel all across the country.

30 Seconds to Mars was formed in 1998 by actor Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto. It quickly emerged as a force in alternative rock. The band’s name was inspired by a thesis that suggested the proximity of Earth to Mars is about 30 seconds in the future. Their self-titled debut album in 2002 laid the foundation for a career marked by genre-defying music and an immersive live experience.

Does this sound like something you would like to experience? You can buy tickets for the 30 Second to Mars in London using the link below.

30 Seconds to Mars London 2024

Venue: O2 Arena
Date: April 23, 2024

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Are you looking for a hotel close to the O2 Arena? Look at the map below to find cheap accommodation close to the concert venue. If you zoom out, you will find even more hotels and apartments in the vicinity of the O2 Arena.


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Madonna London

Would you like to experience a real Christmas atmosphere? Why don’t you come to experience the beautiful Christmas markets in London this December? But, to maximize the experience, why don’t you buy a ticket to one of the Madonna concerts in London at the same time?

Madonna will perform twice at the O2 Arena in London this December. The first concert is arranged on December 5 while the other is on December 6. The concert venue has a capacity for 20,000 people, meaning that it will be crowded and you can expect it to become a giant party as Madonna enters the stage on both concert days.

Of course, all the tickets were sold quickly for the Madonna concerts. If you still want to be there at one of the concerts, you can buy tickets from others directly online at Viagogo.

Madonna London 2023

Venue: O2 Arena
Dates: December 5 & 6

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Depeche Mode London

Depeche Mode is still on their Memento Mori tour which has lasted for a long time already. In January 2024, the band will perform twice in the O2 Arena in London, with a short trip to Birmingham between the two concerts. The first concert is on January 22 while the second concert is on January 27. Would you like to be there at one of the concerts?

As one would expect, all tickets for the Depeche Mode concerts in London were sold out quickly. As a result, you are not likely to find tickets from the official ticket sales offices if you want to be there at one of the concerts. But, if you are willing to pay more and buy ticket second-hand, it is still possible to be there in the O2 Arena at one of the concerts. You can find a link to a second-hand ticket site further down, so use it if you really want to be there at one of the concerts.

Depeche Mode London 2024

Location: O2 Arena
Dates: January 22 & January 27

Tickets: Viagogo

Five things you probably didn’t know about Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode was formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex, England. The band’s original name was “Composition of Sound” before they settled on “Depeche Mode,” a name they found in a French fashion magazine. The phrase means “fast fashion” in French.

Vince Clarke, one of the founding members of Depeche Mode, left the band after the release of their debut album, “Speak & Spell” (1981). He went on to form other successful musical acts, such as Yazoo (Yaz in the US) and Erasure.

While Depeche Mode is primarily associated with electronic and synth-pop music, they had a significant impact on the goth subculture. Their darker and more introspective tracks, like “Black Celebration” and “Personal Jesus,” attracted a gothic following, and their fashion choices during the 1980s influenced the goth aesthetic.

In 1993, Depeche Mode embarked on their “Devotional Tour,” which became one of the largest and most successful tours in music history at the time. The tour took them to various countries, including locations in Europe, North America, and Asia, and they played for over 2.7 million fans.

Dave Gahan, the band’s lead singer, has pursued a successful solo career alongside his work with Depeche Mode. He has released several solo albums, including “Paper Monsters” and “Hourglass.” This dual career showcases his versatility and creativity as a musician beyond the band’s collective output.

Duran Duran London 2023

Personally, Duran Duran makes me think of the past. But, the group is still active, and you can experience Duran Duran in the present. The band will arrange several events in the United Kingdom in 2023, and there will be two concerts in the O2 Arena in London during their short tour.

Originally, Duran Duran was supposed only to have one concert in London. But, because of the event’s popularity, they added an additional concert. As a result, you can now buy tickets for two concerts with Duran Duran in London in 2023, on May 1st and on May 2nd.

Duran Duran was formed in 1978, meaning they have a long history together. The band is now on the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame list, and this might be one of your last chances to see the band perform. They will most likely play some of their biggest hits such as Girls on Film, Rio, Save a Prayer, The Reflex, Hungry Like the Wolf, The Wild Boys and Notorious (hopefully).

If you have never been to the O2 Arena in London, this is a great chance to visit the most popular concert venue in Europe.

Duran Duran London 2023

O2 Arena
May 1 – May 2

Tickets: Eventim

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