Train in England

Train in EnglandIf you plan on traveling with train in England, going from London to somewhere else, or maybe traveling from somewhere else to London, the railway system in England is very good. Tickets are quite expensive, but the service is good and the trains run regularly.

Maybe you would like to go on an excursion to Brighton, Cambridge or Oxford? In that case the train will take you there, and it is convenient, quick and good. For train tickets, online booking, train schedules and more information, visit Raileasy.

If you use the Raileasy link you will find all kinds of prices. If you book quite a while beforehand and book a specific train you can get big discounts, so it is worth checking it out if you know where you would like to go when! A train ticket to Brighton can for example cost as little as £7.50 and to Oxford as little as £5. Check it out and book early!