6 reasons to watch NOW TV


Coming to England and looking for a great way to watch the best films, TV series and sports events? Maybe you are only coming for a short period of time and do not want a cable subscription, but simply want to watch it on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet? NOW TV is the solution for you and here we will tell you why!


If you are not interested in reading on, but simply want to visit the NOW TV website, just click the link.

NOW TV Website

6 reasons to watch NOW TV

We are personally big fans of NOW TV, and here you can see our main reasons for enjoying NOW TV and why we believe that everyone in love with good films, sports and TV series should enjoy a membership here.

You only pay for what you are interested in

As you visit the NOW TV website you will soon realize that there are three different packages available. There is one sports package, one movie package and one entertainment package. In other words, you do not need to pay for the sports package if you only want to see films, and you do not need to pay for the movies or the entertainment package if all you want to to is to watch Premier League matches and other sports events included in the sports subscription!

All the SKY channels without a subscription

If you visit the SKY TV website you will soon realize that it is very hard to sign up without an actual cable subscription. This is not practical if you only need this for a short term, or if you do not want to complications of signing up for such services. That is why NOW TV is brilliant, because you get all the best and your favorite SKY channels, just without all sorts of cable subscriptions and plus services. You sign up online and watch online, and that is the end of the story.

Enjoy SKY Sports online

As you sign up for the NOW TV Sports package you will immediately gain access to the best of sports from SKY Sports. This means that you can watch live streams from all the different SKY Sports channels, which in fact means that you can watch rugby, cricket and of course Premier League matches, and lots of other goodies live online. The prices are also very nice, and they are of course cheapest if you sign up for the one month NOW TV Sports pass. So, if you want to watch sports produced and commented by the best sports network in the world, then you can do so as you watch SKY Sports online on NOW TV with the NOW TV Sports pass.

Watch the best films online

Maybe you know services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, but you know what is their weakness? It takes a long time before the best films actually reach those services and become available to the subscribers. If you sign up for the NOW TV Movies package it is in fact quite similar to HBO, just better! Here you get the best films very soon, so less than one year after the big Hollywood success films have been in cinemas somewhere near you, they are made available here. Just recently The Maze Runner was made available, less than one year after it had its premiere on cinemas on the UK! Simply great!

Watch your favorite TV series from the best producers online

If you sign up for a NOW TV Entertainment package you can watch the very best TV series from the best producers online. At the moment you can for example watch series such as Aquarius, Yonderland, EX on the Beach, Show me a Hero, Zoo, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Devious Maids, American Dad, King of the Nerds, The Brink, Strike Back, Glee, Veep and True Detective (and of course tons of other TV series).

Watch live streams

Maybe you thought the live streams were only available for the NOW TV Sports package, but you were wrong. With the NOW TV Entertainment and the NOW TV Movies package you do not only gain access to the library of films and TV series, but you gain access to the different live streams from the actual SKY TV channels. In other words you can watch SKY TV and its channels live all the time, included in the subscription. This is what makes NOW TV even better than any other similar streaming service online! Doesn’t this sound good? Feel ready to visit the NOW TV website? Click here and get started or click the banner beneath.

Have you tried NOW TV? Did you like it? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments to hear if you are just as happy about this service as we are!

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