We just made it easier to travel from the different airports in London to your accommodation.

Traveling can be exciting and stressful, especially when arriving in a new city. And when it comes to navigating your way from the airport to your accommodation, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the best transportation options available. But fear not! We have just made it easier for you to travel from the different airports in London to your accommodation.

We’ve recently updated our website with lots of information about the different airports in London, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City, and Southend. Each airport page provides detailed information about the airport, including its facilities, transportation options, and tips for making the most of your journey.

But that’s not all! We’ve also included the best transportation methods connecting each airport to the city center. We’ve got you covered whether you prefer to travel by train, metro, bus, or private taxi. Our guides outline the pros and cons of each transportation option, so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

how to travel from my airport in london

For example, if you arrive at Heathrow airport, you’ll find information about the Heathrow Express train, which provides fast and frequent services to Paddington station in just 15 minutes. You’ll also find details about the Piccadilly line on the London Underground, a more affordable option that takes you to various stations in central London.

If you arrive at Gatwick airport, you’ll find information about the Gatwick Express train, which takes you to Victoria station in 30 minutes. You’ll also find information about bus services, including the National Express and easyBus, which offer affordable and convenient options to the city center.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or visiting London for the first time, our updated airport pages and transportation guides will make your journey from the airport to your accommodation a breeze. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

We are updating our London Guide in many ways!

You might not see it in our blog, but we have worked a lot with our London Guide recently. You can see it visibly if you go to the page for upcoming events, exhibitions, festivals, and concerts in London. There you can see that we have written about many ongoing exhibitions and upcoming events.

But, we have been working with other things besides our calendar of events in London. We have also repaired lots of broken links that didn’t work, we have fixed images that didn’t work, and we have made the pages presenting the different attractions, activities, and museums in London look much nicer. Hopefully, these changes will make the page more colorful and make it more inspiring for you as a visitor.

Besides these changes, we have also made some changes that make the website faster to load. In the end, we hope that you as a visitor will find our London Guide better, easier to use, and a useful resource as you look for information about London online.

london guide updated

Instead of just having ordinary links to the pages about the museums in London, we have now added pictures and a short text about the museum. As a result, it will be easier for you to find out if it is a page worth visiting.

If you have any further comments, questions, or anything else on your heart, write a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Take a look at our event for the Christmas markets in London.

We have just created a brand new event about the Christmas markets in London. There you can read about the most important Christmas markets in London, and you can also find information about the dates for the Christmas markets. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The first Christmas markets in London will open already on November 3rd, meaning that Christmas comes early to London this year. Would you like to know more?

christmas in london in 2022

We wish you a fantastic Christmas and we hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming you to London once again this November and December.

Since you cannot watch Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera in London because of the Coronavirus, watch them on Netflix instead!

Millions of people have had to cancel their trips to London because of the Coronavirus. Many of them had bought tickets for musicals and other events. But, instead of walking up and down Oxford Street, they are sitting at home in isolation, hoping that the pandemic will soon come to an end. But, why not enjoy yourself as you watch Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix?

Maybe you are skeptical! We are not writing about the movies based on the stories. No, you can actually watch a recording of two actual performances of Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix.

The Phantom of the Opera is a recording of a performance from Royal Albert Hall, while the Les Miserables musical is a recording of the 25th anniversary edition that was recorded in the O2 Arena in London in 2010.

Both are completely amazing, and you will have a fantastic time watching them. The music is incredible, and if you plan on keeping the musical in the background, you will not be able to do so. The singers are so talented, that you will always try to look at the screen to find out what is happening and to see who the person with such a magnificent voice is.

musicals on netflix

Do you like the sound of watching Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera on Netflix? Click the link to find out more about how it can be done.

Would you like to read to read more articles in the future dealing with Netflix topics. Check the following page: https://steemit.com/@thevpnboss

How much does a Netflix subscription cost in the UK?

Can I purchase a Netflix subscription in the UK? How much does it cost? Will I be able to watch the content on Netflix in the United Kingdom all across the world if I purchase a subscription in the UK?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to Netflix and when it comes to how the most popular of all streaming portals work and operate. People in the UK love shopping at Amazon.com, and many have an Amazon Prime subscription to get faster and cheaper shipping, and at the same time get access to lots of movies and Amazon TV series. But, if you travel to the United States, you cannot use your Amazon Prime subscription in the UK there.

So, that is why many people believe that they will have to purchase a new Netflix subscription in order to watch Netflix while in the UK. That is a mistake!

To watch Netflix in the United Kingdom, you simply need a Netflix subscription. To rephrase it… your Netflix subscription is global. You can use your Netflix subscription all across the world. It doesn’t matter where it was registered, the only thing that matters is that you actually have a Netflix account.

But, how does that influence the way you use Netflix? Well, now it is time to answer the question about whether or not you will be able to watch UK Netflix worldwide if you purchase a Netflix subscription in the UK!

Can I watch UK Netflix worldwide if I register a Netflix account in the UK?

If you decide to purchase a Netflix account while in the United Kingdom, you will, of course, be able to stream the content of UK Netflix while in the UK. In fact, if you travel to any other EU country, you will still see the content available on Netflix in the UK. This is due to the streaming regulations implemented by the EU in 2018, which says that you should always watch your home Netflix content as you travel within the EU.

But, in the moment you leave the EU, you will no longer see the content of UK Netflix, but instead, you will see the content available on Netflix in the country you are in. If you travel to Egypt, you will see the content available on Netflix in Egypt. Should you go down under, then you will see the content on Netflix in Australia.

As a result, a Netflix account registered in the UK is no guarantee of the fact that you will always see the content available on Netflix in the UK.

If you want to have a guarantee that you will be able to access the content on Netflix in the UK also outside the EU, use a VPN that works with Netflix in the UK.

What is the price of a Netflix subscription in the UK?

According to a recent study and a Netflix price comparison, the price of a Netflix subscription in the UK is quite similar to those of most other Western countries. In fact, it is cheaper than in many central European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. But, compared to Southern-American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, it is quite expensive.

What is the price of Netflix in the UK?
The price of a Netflix subscription in the UK

As you can see in the picture above, the prices are as follows:

  • Netflix Basic Package: 5,99GBP – 7,85USD
  • Netflix Standard Package: 8,99GBP – 11,79USD
  • Netflix Premium Package: 11,99GBP – 15,72USD

The USD prices are based on the conversion rates of March 9th in 2020.

The Basic package includes 1 screen, while the Standard package includes HD streaming and 2 screens. The Premium package includes 4 screens and UltraHD quality streaming.

If you live in a country in which Netflix is cheaper than in the UK, purchase a subscription in your home country and use a VPN to access UK Netflix content instead. That is often easier and using a VPN might be a necessary step no matter what.

I hope this short article will answer your question! Should you have anything more on your heart, write a comment!