British copper shows on Netflix

Have you been to London and fallen in love with the city? Or maybe you fell in love with the cute cops and the clothes they are wearing? Would you like to get a taste of London as you go home and watch some great police shows on Netflix taking place in London and in England? Here are two suggestions from the London Guide editors.

Have you ever heard of Jed Mercurio? He is a brilliant director and story-writer, and he is the mastermind behind both the TV shows we are about to recommend. It is important to notice that both the recommend shows are BBC productions, making them even better when it comes to bringing the true atmosphere of England into the shows.

So, which are the shows you should watch it you want to listen to British English, see police-officers in the traditional clothes the coppers were in England, and so much more?


Bodyguard is an amazing BBC series consisting of only six episodes, making it easy to watch and easy to digest. But you should still be careful, it is very addictive, and after a few episodes you will not be able to stop until you are finished with the entire thing.


Richard Madden has received several awards for his amazing role as a copper who turns into a bodyguard of a very debated politician in England. It is a hard job, especially considering the fact that lots of people hate the politician he is to protect.

Throughout the story, we follow the incidents and we also get a very clear insight into the life of the character of Richard Madden. If you want to watch an amazing TV show tonight, go for Bodyguard. It can be seen in almost all Netflix regions, and you can also watch it at the BBC website. If you live outside the UK, find out more about how you can watch the BBC abroad in this YouTube video.

Line of Duty

This is yet another TV series created by Jed Mercurio. But, while Bodyguard is a show only consisting of 1 season (even though there are rumors about a new season coming later), Line of Duty is made up of 5 seasons, and we are promised that a sixth season is in the making as well. The fifth season just premiered on BBC in England, and it is the result of a fantastic response to the show in England. The first three seasons aired on BBC2 in England, but due to its success, they decided to air the fourth season on BBC1, something that made it enjoy twice as many visitors in season 4 compared to the earlier seasons.

Line of Duty
Line of Duty

In Line of Duty, we meet some police officer who try to discover and stop corrupt officers within the police force. That might not be the most convenient job, and if for sure isn’t a way to popularity among fellow police officers, but it is a job that needs to be done.

Line of Duty isn’t as fast paced as Bodyguard, but here the story is built up on solid grounds, and you will quickly be drawn into the story.

You can watch Line of Duty (all seasons) at the BBC website. If you live abroad, you can read more about how you can stream Line of Duty (season 5) online here, or you can watch this YouTube video.

If you have to pick only one…

I would certainly go for Bodyguard, simply because of its higher pacer and more intense action. But, if you are in for the long run, then you will have many more hours in front of the screen with Line of Duty.

But, why pick only one? Go for Bodyguard first, and then you can start with Line of Duty afterward. You will probably start binge-watching that as well after watching a couple of episodes!

Go ahead and enjoy the shows, and make sure to book your plane tickets so that you can return to London within shortly to see more of the city with your own eyes. You can read more about all the important attractions and sights in London here in our London Guide.

Missing England? This is how to stream BBC abroad!

Have you been to London and England and now you miss BBC? Would you like to stream BBC iPlayer in your home country as well? It can be done!

There is little doubt about the fact that BBC is one of the best TV networks in the world. On our list of favorite BBC shows you can find Sherlock, Cuckoo and lots of other programs. But, if you try to stream these shows and lots of other BBC content in the BBC iPlayer when outside England you will simply get an error message. That can be really annoying, but luckily there are ways in which you can still get access to BBC when abroad. The following instructions are based on the guide in the IP Address Guide.

BBC iplayer outside London
Watching the UK General election programs on BBC on June 8th, 2017

How to stream BBC abroad

In order to stream BBC when outside London and England, you will need to make BBC believe that you are in the UK. This can be achieved through using a working VPN provider and connect to one of their VPN servers in the UK. Unfortunately not all VPN services work for this purpose, but at the time writing there is one working. If you read this article in a long time from now, we suggest that you visit the IP Address Guide to read their article, which is updated frequently (something this article most likely will not be). At the moment, this is how it can be done.

  • Visit the BBC iPlayer.
  • Sign up and create a new user. Register it with a UK ZIP code, for example NW2 1LP or E14 9SJ.
  • Confirm your email address with BBC iPlayer.
  • Sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
  • Download their VPN client and connect to a server in the United Kingdom.
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer again and you are ready to stream.

If you follow these instructions you should be able to stream BBC iPlayer in a few minutes from now. It is really easy, and you will get access to lots of program from the iPlayer library, and also to live streams of all the BBC channels, including the children’s channels.

How can I watch FIFA 2014 on BBC/ITV online from abroad?

This is a question asked by thousands of people every single day during the World Cup 2014. The answer might sound complicated, but it is really easy, and you can find yourself watching the FIFA 2014 on BBC/ITV online from abroad in a few minutes.

To watch matches such as Spain – Netherlands and Italy – England online during the World Cup, you will need a UK IP address. Once you have that, you can connect to a UK server, which will provide you with a local IP, and then you only start your browser over again, and then you are ready for action. We do hope that the English team will go all the way to the top, but based on earlier experience and general results the last years, most people do not leave England a choice as they speak about who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014. We do not have high hopes, but the hope should die as the last thing, so we do hope for a miracle, and great results for the English nation squad.

The best way to get a UK IP address is to use the VPN services of HIdeMyAss / IPVanish.