How can I watch FIFA 2014 on BBC/ITV online from abroad?

This is a question asked by thousands of people every single day during the World Cup 2014. The answer might sound complicated, but it is really easy, and you can find yourself watching the FIFA 2014 on BBC/ITV online from abroad in a few minutes.

To watch matches such as Spain – Netherlands and Italy – England online during the World Cup, you will need a UK IP address. Once you have that, you can connect to a UK server, which will provide you with a local IP, and then you only start your browser over again, and then you are ready for action. We do hope that the English team will go all the way to the top, but based on earlier experience and general results the last years, most people do not leave England a choice as they speak about who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014. We do not have high hopes, but the hope should die as the last thing, so we do hope for a miracle, and great results for the English nation squad.

The best way to get a UK IP address is to use the VPN services of HIdeMyAss / IPVanish.