Bus number 11 in London – yet another fantastic bus route for tourists in London.

Bus number 11 in London runs between Fulham Town Hall and Waterloo Station. There are several bus routes in London ideal for sightseeing, but this is definitely one of the best bus routes if you want to see London from the top of a double decker.

Before you board the bus, you need to have a plan on how you want to pay for your ticket. There are several options, and here you have the best solutions.

  1. Contactless Payment: The easiest way is to use a contactless credit or debit card. Just tap your card on the yellow reader when you board the bus. Your fare will be automatically charged to your card.
  2. Oyster Card: You can also use an Oyster card, which is a prepaid travel card. You can buy an Oyster card at any Tube station, Oyster Ticket Stop, or online. Top it up with money at these locations or online.
  3. Travelcard: You can buy a Travelcard for unlimited travel within certain zones for a day, week, month, or year. Travelcards are available at Tube stations, railway stations, and Oyster Ticket Stops.

If you use an Oyster Card, do not forget to validate it as you board the bus. If you use a travelcard, do not forget to validate it before you use it the first time.

The Parliament and Big Ben as you can see it from bus 11 in London.

What can you see from the top of bus number 11 in London?

As you travel with bus number 11 in London, you can see lots of fantastic buildings and historical monuments. Here you have some of the most famous sights.

  1. Big Ben: You can catch a great view of Big Ben and its iconic clock tower as you ride past it on bus 11.
  2. Westminster Abbey: Westminster Abbey with its beautiful Gothic architecture is easy to spot from the top of the bus.
  3. London Eye: The London Eye stands tall and impressive, offering a glimpse of the giant Ferris wheel when you drive towards Fulham Town Hall (and not the other way).
  4. Tower of London: The historic Tower of London, famous for its rich history and the Crown Jewels is easy to discover as well from the bus, especially if you travel in the direction of Fulham Town Hall.
  5. Westminster Cathedral: As you pass by, you’ll spot the striking Westminster Cathedral with its unique red-and-white striped facade.
  6. Victoria Station: Bus 11 takes you right by Victoria Station, one of London’s major transport hubs bustling with activity.

If you leave the bus, you can easily walk into the St. James Park, and after you have walked through the park, it is easy to visit Buckingham Palace.

These are some of the fantastic sights and attractions you can see as you travel with bus 11 in London. Would you like to read about another bus route that will let you see fantastic attractions in London? We can warmly recommend that you travel with bus number 9, maybe the most famous bus route in London.

The full route of bus number 11 in London.

Here you have the full list of stops for bus number 11 in London.

  • Fulham Town Hall
  • Tyrawley Road
  • Rumbold Road
  • Worlds End Health Centre
  • Edith Grove / Worlds End
  • Hobury Street / Worlds End
  • Beaufort Street
  • Old Church Street
  • Carlyle Square
  • Chelsea Old Town Hall
  • Markham Street
  • Duke of York Square
  • Cadogan Gardens / Sloane Square
  • Sloane Square Stn / Lower Sloane St
  • Chelsea Bridge Road
  • Ebury Bridge Road
  • Victoria Coach Station
  • Eccleston Bridge
  • Victoria Station
  • Westminster Cathedral
  • Westminster City Hall
  • St James’s Park Station
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Westminster Stn / Westminster Pier
  • St Thomas’ Hospital / County Hall
  • Waterloo Station / Upper Taxi Road

What is the price of a taxi from Stansted Airport to London?

We are traveling from Stansted Airport to London in not to long. What is the price of a private taxi transfer from the airport to London city?

Thank you for the question. It is impossible to give an exact answer, but the official taxis waiting outside the airport normally take around £100 for such a travel, of course depending on your exact location in London. These prices are for 1-4 persons in a normal car. For exact fare we suggest you contact some sort of taxi company before arriving. One such company which you might consider using is 24×7 Stansted.

Wish you all the best and enjoy your stay in London.

Taxi in London