BBC to stream the Winter Olympics in the UK

London in February

Did you know that BBC will broadcast the Winter Olympics in the United Kingdom? You might think that this will be a giant production, but Winter sports are not at all as popular in the United Kingdom as in the United States.

In the United States, NBC will broadcast the events taking place during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South-Korea. They will have live broadcasts from everything taking place, but that is not so with BBC in the United Kingdom. They will broadcast quite some events online, but not all, simply due to lack of interest for the event in England.

London in February
London is beautiful in February as well!

They do not have many athletes taking part in the Winter Olympics, and thus the locals do not care much about what happens in South Korea. Considering the fact that most events will take place while the people in England sleep, or just woke up, doesn’t make things better.

Would you like to find out more about how you can watch BBC online? Check out BBC from abroad for more information. Would you rather read general information about how you can watch the Winter Olympics online? Click the link.

What kind of winter weather to expect in London in February?

While it is snowing in quite a lot of cities and nations around in Europe today, the people in London enjoy temperatures around 7 Celsius. You might get some rain, but you should not have to worry about snow as you come to London in February.

Are you looking for some great activity to do in London as you come? Why not visit a museum like the British Museum or Tate Modern? They have great permanent and temporary exhibitions, and you will learn a lot, instead of freezing as you walk outside in the streets of London.

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