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Bonfire Event in London

Guy Fawkes Day (Bonfire Night)

Did you know that Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the British Parliament in 1604 on November 5th? He wanted to get rid of the Protestant ruler, King James 1, and restore the country to a Catholic leadership, or as some would say it, to overthrow the Protestant monarchy and restore Catholic rule in England.

The plot was discovered and Guy Fawkes and his accomplices were captured. To celebrate the safety of the king after the plot, November 5 became the so-called Bonfire Night in England. On this day, a celebration takes place with large bonfires and fireworks.

What is Bonfire Night like in London?

You can enjoy the beautiful fireworks at several locations in London, but be aware, many of them now operate with an entrance fee if you want a premium spot. Here are a couple of locations worth considering as you plan your stay in London on November 5th.

  • Wimbledon Park
  • Alexandra Palace
  • Byron Park
  • Morden Park
  • Croydon Road Recreation Ground
  • Chiswick Park
  • Battersea Park

Some of these locations also have events throughout the day on November 5th. If it takes place on the weekend (November 5th being a Saturday), you might participate in programs on Saturday and Sunday.

Bonfire Night

November 5 (annual event)


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