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October 2022

The mystery of the hieroglyphs.

To many, it is obvious today that we can understand what they wrote a long time ago in hieroglyphs in Egypt. But, a few hundred years ago, it wasn’t obvious at all, not until the discovery of the Rosetta stone, in which they could see the hieroglyphs next to other languages (translated), thus making it Read More ...
12 Oct - 19 Feb
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
British Museum
Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
June 2023

DIVA – an exhibition

Have you ever wondered what makes a diva a diva? The temporary exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will focus on the concept of divas and celebrate the power and creativity of these fantastic people. Not only will this exhibition focus on divas, but we will also look at how they have Read More ...
24 Jun - 07 Apr
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
October 2023
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2018

Christmas markets 2023

Would you like to enjoy the fabulous Christmas markets in London this year? There are several fantastic Christmas markets to choose from. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular Christmas markets in London and also tell you when the different Christmas markets will open and close this year. One of the Read More ...
28 Oct - 07 Jan
All Day
January 2024

New Years’ Parade

The New Years’ parade in London has been a tradition in the English capital since 1987. It had a break in 2021 due to COVID, but it has returned stronger than ever. Would you like to celebrate the new year with more than 1 million people? Be a part of the New Years’ parade in Read More ...
01 Jan
12:00 pm
Depeche Mode Tour

Depeche Mode London

Depeche Mode is still on their Memento Mori tour which has lasted for a long time already. In January 2024, the band will perform twice in the O2 Arena in London, with a short trip to Birmingham between the two concerts. The first concert is on January 22 while the second concert is on January Read More ...
22 - 27 Jan
All Day
O2 Arena
Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX
Robert Burns Day

Robert Burns Day

Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet and lyricist who lived in the 18th century. He was born on January 25, 1759, in a small village called Alloway in Scotland. Burns is often called “Scotland’s national poet” because of his significant contributions to Scottish literature and culture. He grew up on a farm, but he Read More ...
25 Jan
All Day
February 2024
life in the roman army

Life in the Roman army – an exhibition.

If you have studied some history, you have read a lot about the Roman Empire, about Julius Caesar, the Colosseum, and maybe about the expansion of the Roman Empire. But, how did the empire expand? What was life like for a soldier fighting in the Roman army? If you read about the Football World Cup Read More ...
01 Feb - 23 Jun
All Day
British Museum
Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
April 2024

DevOpsCon London 2024

DevOpsCon Europe is a leading technology conference focused on the topics of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and IT automation. The conference is held annually in several European locations, including Berlin, and London. It is one of the most popular IT conferences in Europe together with the Web Summit in Lisbon and TNW in Amsterdam. The conference Read More ...
08 - 11 Apr
Park Plaza Victoria London

QCon London 2024

QCon London is a technology conference that brings software engineers, software architects, and technical leaders to discuss and learn about the latest trends and best practices in software development, software architecture, and infrastructure. The conference typically features a range of keynote speeches, technical sessions, and workshops from industry experts and thought leaders. QCon London covers Read More ...
08 - 10 Apr
Queen Elizabeth II Centre
Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE
the last caravaggio

The Last Caravaggio – an exhibition.

It is May in 1610 and Caravaggio is in the city of Naples in Italy. He is doing what he normally does, he is painting. But, two months later he dies under mysterious circumstances, and this is the last painting he ever made. The name of this painting is “The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula”, and Read More ...
18 Apr - 21 Jul
All Day
National Gallery
Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

London Marathon 2024

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Would you like to see the city from a different perspective? Why don’t you discover the city while running the annual London marathon? London Marathon was founded in 1981. It is Read More ...
21 Apr
All Day
30 seconds to mars

30 Seconds to Mars London

The popular band 30 Seconds to Mars will perform in the O2 Arena in London on April 23 in 2024. Does this sound like a valid excuse to leave the family at home and travel to the beautiful city of London on what will hopefully be a beautiful spring day in the English capital? 30 Read More ...
23 Apr
All Day
O2 Arena
Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX
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