Royal treasures in Victoria and Albert museum

London is always sparkling and always famous about its good-working monarchy. Not just today’s people are interested in the Royal Family, because in old times people always watched the life of Henry VIII and Elisabeth I. We are sure about that we can declare, today’s people are curious too to the historical royal family’s life, history and treasures. Those, who are really interested in these things, have to go to London, to the Victoria and Albert Museum between 9 March 2013 and 14 July 2013, because there is a fantastic exhibition from the Royal Family’s treasures.

150 royal paintings, jewelries and other treasures are waiting for the visitors. The museum celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Anglo-Russian exchange. Because of that, it isn’t a surprise, the most expensive exhibited object is the English and French silver loaned by the Moscow Kremlin Museum. This silver was presented by the British Royal Family to the Russian Tsar. The exhibition shows a perfect picture about the life of the Royal family, the kings, queens and courtiers between 1509 and 1685.

If you are interested in relics, beautiful paintings, beautifully crafted sculptures and sparkling jewelries, your place would be in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, between 9 March 2013 and 14 July 2013. It would be a royal program, which could be unforgettable experience for everyone, so you neither miss it!

Royal treasures
March 9th – July 14th
Victoria and Albert museum

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