Giovanni Battista Moroni exhibition in Royal Academy of Arts

Giovanni BattistaThis exhibition will be the first extensive exhibition of Giovanni Battista Moroni’s work in the UK. Giovanni Battista Moroni was a North Italian painter who was born around 1520 and he died in 1579.

He was a late Renaissance painter. He is best known for his elegant and realistic portrait paintings and he is considered one of the best and most outstanding Italian portrait painters of the 16th century. Giovanni Battista Moroni was best known for painting images of regular every day people. His work is marked with vitality, directness and immediacy.

At the exhibition visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the portraits and to discover the late Renaissance through his paintings and portraits. The museum will display a wide selection of images painted by the painter during his life. He is considered as the painter of the people and through his pictures visitors will discover more of this period of time. The Giovanni Battista Moroni exhibition will take place at the Royal Academy of Arts in the central of London. The exhibition will be shown from 24th October 2014 to 25th January 2015.

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