Ancient lives new discoveries – British Museum exhibition

Anciet Lives

Anciet LivesThis exhibition will take place at the British Museum. The exhibition will let the visitors discover the ancient mummies from a unique and unusual way they have never seen before.

At the exhibition visitors will be introduced to eight persons from ancient Egypt and Sudan. Their bodies have been preserved naturally or prepared embalming. With the latest technology the exhibition will unlock several unanswered questions and hidden secrets. The exhibition with the modern technology will let you have a look into their lives, it will help to build up a picture of these people’ lives in the Nile Valley and the period they lived in. At the exhibition there will be shown eight people from different life conditions. It shows a priest daughter, a temple singer, a middle aged man, a young child, a temple doorkeeper and a woman with a Christian tattoo. Visitors can find out how they lived and what happened to them after they died. The bodies are approximately 4000 years old. Using this new and interactive technology visitors can find out more of the life of each mummies, of their health, condition and how they were embalmed. Experience the secret of the mummies and find out more about their life and have an insight look in that period of time. The exhibition will take place in London at the British Museum. It will be on display from 22nd May until 30th November 2014.

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