Can I watch Sky Sports in Spain?

SKY Sports in Spain

SKY Sports in SpainI am an expat living in Spain and would love to watch SKY Sports, but it seems impossible. Is that because it is only available to people in England? Anything I can do about it?

Thanks for asking that question. You are not alone with your desire to watch Sky Sports in Spain and in other nations worldwide, after all it is the best sports channel on planet earth. Unfortunately Sky is not only hard to watch abroad, but it is very expensive, but if you are willing to pay there is a solution to your problem. There are two things you will need for this to work. The first thing you will need is a VPN subscription. This is to ensure yourself a UK IP address which you will need to fix the problem with your location in Spain which is supposed to make it impossible for you to watch Sky abroad. We recommend using HideMyAss for the purpose of getting a UK IP.

The second thing you will need is a subscription to NOW TV. Now you might ask what NOW TV is, after all you want to watch Sky Sports. The answer is that NOW TV is broadcasting the action from all the different Sky channels online, making it easy to sign up for the action that you want. It is possible to sign up for their Sports package only which will give you access to live streams from all the Sky Sports channels, but you can also sign up for their entertainment and/or their movies packages. All in all this is for sure the best and easiest way to watch Sky Sports in Spain and in France, Italy, Germany, USA and all the other nations of the world, so give it a try.

You can visit the NOW TV website here, and for more news and updates about NOW TV, visit where you will find help and information about watching it online from outside the UK and also updates and news about new films and entertainment and upcoming sports events that will be broadcasted.

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