When will the Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square be lit up in 2014?

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

Trafalgar Square Christmas treeWe are planning for a weekend in London in November/December, and want to look at the Christmas markets and the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. When is the date when the lights comes on at Christmas tree?

Thanks a lot for the question! Unfortunately that is a question that will remain unanswered for quite a while more, but still, based on experience from earlier years we do have a strong feeling concerning when the Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square will be “turned on”, illuminated, or whatever you call it!

Take a look at the following list showing when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square was lit in the last years:

  • 2013 – December 5 (Thursday)
  • 2012 – December 2 (Thursday)
  • 2011 – December 1 (Thursday)
  • 2010 – December 2 (Thursday)

Based on this our feeling is that in 2014 the first Thursday in December will be the date for the lightening of the Christmas tree at Trafalgar square.  If that is correct, the date for the illuminating of the Christmas tree will be December 4th. The time for the illumination is normally 17.00 (local time).

Assumed date for illumination of Trafalgar Square Christmas tree 2014

December 4th, 17.00

If you have further questions, insight or comments, just write!

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