Celebrate the River Thames in London in September

Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck

The River Thames is incredibly important to the citizens and the life in London. That is why September will be a month dedicated at celebrating the river in many different ways. Starting on September 1st and lasting until September 30th there will be more than 100 events arranged in the city of London.

During this period there will be a wide specter of programs arrange. There will be cultural programs such as Archaeological walks, special exhibitions, theatre productions and there will be more action filled events such as the great river race and other races, and then comes one of our favorites, the Florentin Hofman commission. What is that all about? From September 2nd until September 30th Florentijn Hofman will create an up scale model that will be placed on the River Thames. What will be on display is secret, so none knows by now, but earlier he created for example a giant duck that was on display in cities worldwide on its tour all around the world. The place for this amazing display will be near the tube station Vauxhall and the nearest pier is St Georges Pier.

Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck
Maybe we will see something similar to this duck in London?

These are just some of the events that will take place. There will also be lots of arts exhibitions, historical walks, film festivals, family programs and more. For more information on the festival visit totallythames.org.

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