Premier League kick-off this weekend

Premier League kick off

Premier League kick offIt is only two days to go, and then it is time for the kick-off for the 2014/2015 Premier League season. This will be one crazy season with tons of highlights, and already in the first round we can be prepared for two London derby’s.

The first match in the Premier League will be played between Manchester United and Swansea on August 16th. Then some hours later lots of teams with play their first match in the season and we get to London derby’s already the first weekend. So, if you are looking for matches with tensity and fun and you are in London, make sure to check out the match between West Ham and Tottenham, or if you are more of an Arsenal fan, enjoy Arsenal vs Crystal Palace. Another profiled London team is Chelsea, but they will only start their season on Monday as they will play against the newcomer to Premier League, Burnley.

Premier League always gives a boost to tourism, so make sure to come to London and check out all the beautiful and interesting attractions, of course combining it with a magnificent football match.

If you can not come to London but still want to see Premier League, there are lots of way of watching Premier League online, but in all matters you will need a subscription to watch.

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