Ready for a new Premier League season

There is little doubt about the fact that lots of tourists coming to London actually come to watch Premier League football. The fact that the matches are played in London is just a bonus, but their final destination is not the Big Ben or London Eye, but White Hart Lane, the Olympics Stadium, Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium.

New as of 2016-17 is that West Ham United will play their matches at the fantastic Olympic Stadium. The stadium has been standing empty for a while, but finally a Premier League club will make this stadium their new home. If West Ham United can keep up their nice pace from their last seasons, the Olympics Stadium might in fact turn into a beautiful home for one of the top clubs in the English Premier League.

But, when it is time for the Premier League kick-off on August 13th few people will actually look for what is going on with West Ham. All eyes will look towards Chelsea with their new coach Conte, to Manchester City with their new coach Pep Guardiola and of course to Manchester United with their new coach Mourinho and their two star signings Ibrahimovic and Pogba.

The first weekend with Premier League football

This upcoming weekend will be a time for two fantastic London matches. On August 14th it is time for Liverpool led by Jurgen Klopp to come to the Emirates Stadium to play against Arsenal. That will be a fantastic start on Premier League football in London this season, but we should not forget about August 15th either. On that day we are ready for a London derby as West Ham United will travel to Stamford Bridge to play against Chelsea.

There is little doubt about the fact that football fans from all across the world will look to England in the coming football season. If you want to follow the Premier League as well then you can read more about how you can watch the Premier League online at

You can also read more about some of the London teams in the Premier League here in our London Guide, where you will also find lots of information about the most famous attractions in London.

Premier League start coming up

West HamOn August 8th and 9th it will be time for the kick off for the Premier League 2015-16 season. As always there are several teams from London in action and if you come to London for this weekend then the most interesting matches will be Chelsea vs Swansea City and Arsenal vs West Ham United.

The match between Chelsea and Swansea City will be played at 17.30 on August 8th at Stamford Bridge, in other words, at the home ground of Chelsea in London. The match between Arsenal and West Ham United will be a real London derby between the big favorites Arsenal (which is one of the big favorites to win the Premier League this season) and the little brother West Ham United. The latter match will be played on August 9th starting at 13.30.

This will give us all a great start on the upcoming season and we look forward to following the London teams as they advance in the 2015-16 season. Read more about Premier League clubs in London here.

Premier League kick-off this weekend

Premier League kick offIt is only two days to go, and then it is time for the kick-off for the 2014/2015 Premier League season. This will be one crazy season with tons of highlights, and already in the first round we can be prepared for two London derby’s.

The first match in the Premier League will be played between Manchester United and Swansea on August 16th. Then some hours later lots of teams with play their first match in the season and we get to London derby’s already the first weekend. So, if you are looking for matches with tensity and fun and you are in London, make sure to check out the match between West Ham and Tottenham, or if you are more of an Arsenal fan, enjoy Arsenal vs Crystal Palace. Another profiled London team is Chelsea, but they will only start their season on Monday as they will play against the newcomer to Premier League, Burnley.

Premier League always gives a boost to tourism, so make sure to come to London and check out all the beautiful and interesting attractions, of course combining it with a magnificent football match.

If you can not come to London but still want to see Premier League, there are lots of way of watching Premier League online, but in all matters you will need a subscription to watch.

Spring in London

With Spring just around the corner, or some might say that it has already arrived, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the beautiful city of London. A walk along the Themes in itself is a beauty, and maybe especially in the evening. If you are a bit lazier, than a river cruise might suit you even better. If you are interested in football, then the Premier League is closing up, so why not check up on your favorite team in London and maybe visit the majestic arena for the Arsenal matches, the Emirates Stadium?

Spring in London

The culturally interested will always find great activities in London, and in March and April there will be quite a lot of great concerts coming up. Maybe Il Divo will be the highlight? If you are more into musicals and theater, then the constantly ongoing musicals like Thriller, Mamma Mia or maybe Les Miserables might tempt you to visit London?

But, who says that you have to choose between the already mentioned activities? Why not start your evening with some food, go for a walk along the Themes, check out a musical, go to sleep, wake up the next morning for a cruise on the river, and then in the afternoon check out Tottenham, Arsenal or Chelsea as they play?

If you are very cultural, and feel more tempted to visit a museum, then there are lots of exhibitions, temporary and permanent ones, available in the different London museums at the moment. Read more about the different London museums and the ongoing exhibition at our London museums page.

We hope this article has increased your appetite for London. See you soon, and bring your shorts, the weather in London is quite nice!