Premier League kick-off in London

On August 11th in 2017, it is time for the Premier League kick-off in the 2017-2018 season. The kick-off will be made at Emirates Stadium in London where Arsenal will play against Everton.

London is the capital of England and what better place to have the Premier League kick-off, than in the capital of the nation. And what better place for a Premier League kick-off, than at the Emirates Stadium.

There will be several matches played in London already during the Premier League kick-off weekend. In addition to the match between Arsenal and Everton on August 11th, there will be two more matches played in London on August 12th.

Lots of great Premier League football coming up in London
Lots of great Premier League football coming up in London

More Premier League matches in London

On August 12th last years champions Chelsea will be visited by Burnley at Stamford Bridge. While Chelsea plays at Stamford Bridge, Selhurst Park will be packed with Crystal Palace fans cheering for their team to beat the newly promoted Huddersfield. Our guess is that after these matches, nine out of nine possible points will remain in London. But, what about the other London teams?

What about the other London teams?

Tottenham will play their first Premier League match on August 13th. They will then travel to St James Park, where they will play against another newly Premier League promoted team, Newcastle. A few hours later Manchester United will have their Premier League premiere in the new season. On the other side of the field, another London team will fight for at least one point, West Ham United.

Watch Premier League matches in London

There are lots of Premier League matches played in London almost every weekend during the season. Would you like to be there at one or more of these matches? You can read more about the different Premier League clubs here in our London Guide. You will also be able to find links to sites where you can buy tickets for the different matches.

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Ready for a new Premier League season

There is little doubt about the fact that lots of tourists coming to London actually come to watch Premier League football. The fact that the matches are played in London is just a bonus, but their final destination is not the Big Ben or London Eye, but White Hart Lane, the Olympics Stadium, Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium.

New as of 2016-17 is that West Ham United will play their matches at the fantastic Olympic Stadium. The stadium has been standing empty for a while, but finally a Premier League club will make this stadium their new home. If West Ham United can keep up their nice pace from their last seasons, the Olympics Stadium might in fact turn into a beautiful home for one of the top clubs in the English Premier League.

But, when it is time for the Premier League kick-off on August 13th few people will actually look for what is going on with West Ham. All eyes will look towards Chelsea with their new coach Conte, to Manchester City with their new coach Pep Guardiola and of course to Manchester United with their new coach Mourinho and their two star signings Ibrahimovic and Pogba.

The first weekend with Premier League football

This upcoming weekend will be a time for two fantastic London matches. On August 14th it is time for Liverpool led by Jurgen Klopp to come to the Emirates Stadium to play against Arsenal. That will be a fantastic start on Premier League football in London this season, but we should not forget about August 15th either. On that day we are ready for a London derby as West Ham United will travel to Stamford Bridge to play against Chelsea.

There is little doubt about the fact that football fans from all across the world will look to England in the coming football season. If you want to follow the Premier League as well then you can read more about how you can watch the Premier League online at

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