Spring in London

With Spring just around the corner, or some might say that it has already arrived, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the beautiful city of London. A walk along the Themes in itself is a beauty, and maybe especially in the evening. If you are a bit lazier, than a river cruise might suit you even better. If you are interested in football, then the Premier League is closing up, so why not check up on your favorite team in London and maybe visit the majestic arena for the Arsenal matches, the Emirates Stadium?

Spring in London

The culturally interested will always find great activities in London, and in March and April there will be quite a lot of great concerts coming up. Maybe Il Divo will be the highlight? If you are more into musicals and theater, then the constantly ongoing musicals like Thriller, Mamma Mia or maybe Les Miserables might tempt you to visit London?

But, who says that you have to choose between the already mentioned activities? Why not start your evening with some food, go for a walk along the Themes, check out a musical, go to sleep, wake up the next morning for a cruise on the river, and then in the afternoon check out Tottenham, Arsenal or Chelsea as they play?

If you are very cultural, and feel more tempted to visit a museum, then there are lots of exhibitions, temporary and permanent ones, available in the different London museums at the moment. Read more about the different London museums and the ongoing exhibition at our London museums page.

We hope this article has increased your appetite for London. See you soon, and bring your shorts, the weather in London is quite nice!