When will the Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square be lit up in 2014?

We are planning for a weekend in London in November/December, and want to look at the Christmas markets and the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. When is the date when the lights comes on at Christmas tree? Thanks a lot for the question! Unfortunately that is a question that will remain unanswered for quite a Read More

When will the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square be lightened up in 2013?

When will the Christmas tree from Norway at Trafalgar Square be lightened in 2013? Thank you for the question. So far the date has not yet been published, but as soon as it is published we will get back with further information on the subject. However, based on the dates from the earlier years we Read More

Where can I watch Serbia – Scotland live on March 26th?

Serbia is playing against Scotland in the World Cup qualification on March 26th. If you want to watch the match you can do so easily online, meaning that you do not have to move to the UK to watch it on the television there or go to Serbia to see the match live there. Here Read More