Cricket World Cup opening in London

In these days, in which England is celebrating being back on the throne with the best club football teams in Europe, it might be hard to concentrate on other sports, but it is important to remember that on the same day that Arsenal will play against Chelsea in the Europe League final in Baku in Azerbaijan (what a strange place for two London teams to play), it will be time for the Cricket World Cup opening in London.

As we are used to, the opening match of the tournament is attended by the hosting country, that is England. And who will England play against? South Africa!

Looking forward to the cricket world cup in England and Wales.
Looking forward to the cricket world cup in England and Wales.

England – South Africa at The Oval in London

The match between England and South Africa will be played at The Oval in London, a stadium located in the very southern parts of London. Normally the pitch is used by Surrey County Cricket Club, but on May 30th, this will be the venue which will host the opening of the Cricket World Cup in 2019.

The venue has a long history, and it has been the home of the Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845. The venue will be used for quite a lot of matches during the cricket world cup, and together with The Lord’s they will be the stadiums in London which will be used during the world cup. And let us tell you, the match to be played at these stadiums are among the most important… not only the opening match, but also one of the semi-finals and the grand final itself on July 14th.

England are the big favorites to win the tournament itself, and South Africa shouldn’t cause them much trouble. The hardest opponents of England in the tournament will be India and Australia (if the bookmakers tell us the truth), but in a tournament anything can happen, and with the pressure from the home crowd, it will be interesting to see if England will manage to live up to the expectations.

The rest of England’s matches during the cricket world cup

There will be a total of 10 teams taking part in the world cup, and England will play against every single one of them. Here you can see the different matches in which England will play and where they will be.

  • May 30th, England – South Africa, The Oval
  • June 3rd, England – Pakistan, Trent Bridge (Nottingham)
  • June 8th, England – Bangladesh, Cardiff
  • June 14th, England – West Indies, Southampton
  • June 18th, England – Afghanistan, Manchester
  • June 21, England – Sri Lanka, Leeds
  • June 25, England – Australia, London (The Lord’s)
  • June 30, England – India, Birmingham
  • July 3, England – New Zealand, Chester-le-street

As you can see, England will play one match in every city in which there is a venue during the tournament, making sure that all of England get a chance to cheer for their heroes. But, if they make it to the semi-finals, they will either play at Old Trafford in Manchester or in Birmingham, before they return to The Lord’s in London for the cricket world cup final.

The most interesting matches for England will be the match against Australia at The Lord’s in London on June 25th, and of course the match against India in Birmingham on June 30th.

Are you going to follow the Cricket World Cup? Are you coming to London to see any of the cricket matches? Have a great time! For more information about the popular attractions and sights in London, look around here in our London Guide.

When will the Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square be lit up in 2014?

Trafalgar Square Christmas treeWe are planning for a weekend in London in November/December, and want to look at the Christmas markets and the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. When is the date when the lights comes on at Christmas tree?

Thanks a lot for the question! Unfortunately that is a question that will remain unanswered for quite a while more, but still, based on experience from earlier years we do have a strong feeling concerning when the Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square will be “turned on”, illuminated, or whatever you call it!

Take a look at the following list showing when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square was lit in the last years:

  • 2013 – December 5 (Thursday)
  • 2012 – December 2 (Thursday)
  • 2011 – December 1 (Thursday)
  • 2010 – December 2 (Thursday)

Based on this our feeling is that in 2014 the first Thursday in December will be the date for the lightening of the Christmas tree at Trafalgar square.  If that is correct, the date for the illuminating of the Christmas tree will be December 4th. The time for the illumination is normally 17.00 (local time).

Assumed date for illumination of Trafalgar Square Christmas tree 2014

December 4th, 17.00

If you have further questions, insight or comments, just write!

Are shops in London open during Easter?

Easter in LondonI am coming to London for Easter and I therefore wonder if shops will be open on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday? And what about Easter Sunday and Monday?

Answer: Thank you for the question! Luckily shops in London are open on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, though some shops might close a bit earlier than normal on the Saturday. Larger shops are all closed on the Sunday and also on Monday. Smaller shops and restaurants will remain open on Sunday and Monday, but in general for the big shoppers, Sunday and Monday should be used for other activities than shopping!

Hope this was a good enough answer for you. If you have further questions or comments, just write a comment!

When will the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square be lightened up in 2013?

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree 2013When will the Christmas tree from Norway at Trafalgar Square be lightened in 2013?

Thank you for the question. So far the date has not yet been published, but as soon as it is published we will get back with further information on the subject. However, based on the dates from the earlier years we can see a pattern and make a guess at the date when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square will be enlightened in 2013.

Dates when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square was lightened up in previous years.

  • 2013 – December 6th (Thursday)
  • 2012 – December 1st (Thursday)
  • 2011 – December 2nd (Thursday)

Based on these dates our guess is that the date when the Christmas tree will be lightened up in 2013 is
December 5th (Thursday), 18.00

However, this is only a guess and we will get back with more information when it is published (normally in September/October).

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Where can I watch Serbia – Scotland live on March 26th?

Serbia is playing against Scotland in the World Cup qualification on March 26th. If you want to watch the match you can do so easily online, meaning that you do not have to move to the UK to watch it on the television there or go to Serbia to see the match live there. Here is how!

The Serbia vs. Scotland which will be played in Novi Sad at the Karadorde stadium will be broadcasted on BBC One Scotland. The match is of great importance to both teams so you can expect it to be tense and exciting, and both teams will fight to the bone to get bring three points home after this match.

Unfortunately BBC One Scotland can only be seen online by those with a UK IP address. Luckily it is easy to get hold of a UK IP address, so all you need to do is to make a subscription to the VPN service named HideMyAss, download their software and connect to a server in the UK. You will then be ready to go within a few seconds and you can watch the killer match between Serbia and Scotland on March 26th from Serbia and Novi Sad.

I you would rather watch the match between Montenegro and England you can watch that using the same technology, but then you will need to watch ITV instead of BBC One Scotland.

To get a good speed on such an online web program you need to have a speed of about 3Mbps on your Internet connection. Most Internet connections today offer such speeds easily, but sometimes a VPN connection might take speed and make it slower. It can therefore be worth checking your Internet speed, at least if you feel as if the quality is bad on the transmission while you watch the World Cup qualification match between Serbia and Scotland. You can find such an Internet speed test in the link and you will also find link to server other sites performing such speed tests in the same article.