The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is shining!

Every year, the country of Norway gives a Christmas tree to the city of London as a thank you for their support during the Second World War. This is the most famous Christmas tree in England and every year it is placed on Trafalgar Square. A few years ago, someone compared it to a cucumber, but in 2019, things are getting worse!

Have you ever heard about Spelacchio? That was the name of the Christmas tree in Rome at Piazza Venezia after it looked absolutely terrible and almost without fur and branches a few years ago. This years Christmas tree at the Trafalgar square can for sure be compared to Spelacchio in Rome.

If you see it in the darkness with the lights turned on, it doesn’t look that bad. Just take a look.

But, if you take a look at the following tweet made during daytime, you will see that the quality of the tree might not be the best.

Some people wonder why the Norwegians have kept the best trees to themselves, why others wonder what the English people have done to make the Norwegians so angry?

Another person said he “thought the Norwegians left the trolls behind in Norway,” while someone suggested a “plastic surgery” for the tree in order to make it look nicer.

However, the general audience is just grateful for the tree. If you come to London, make sure to check out the Christmas tree at Trafalgar square and have a wonderful time!

Christmas market in London

Before we start to list the fantastic Christmas markets, it is worth to tell some words about the English Christmas traditions. The Christmas preparation usually starts in October, so it is 100% sure, visitors can see full decorated streets and shops everywhere in November, and the first Santa Clauses appear at the street to the end of the month. The preparation of the big happening also starts a few weeks before the holiday.

On 24 December British people usually spend their time with friends and they also set up the Christmas tree at this day, however there are places where they prepare it at November. Gifting usually happens at 25 December, what is followed by the fantastic lunch. The Anglo-Saxon food traditions are the turkey filled with chestnuts, the mushed potato and cranberry sauce, after that they eat the traditional English Christmas spicy pudding, what is a little bit different and individual in every home.

In the English capital, London visitors can run into a Christmas market or event everywhere in the city. Two really special programs are the ice skating-rink at the Natural History Museum and the free winter miracle at the Hyde Park. There are lots of programs here for children and adults as well. Naturally there is Christmas market too at Hyde Park, but there is big wheel, meeting with Santa Claus and fantastic joys for everyone. You can find the perfect gift for your loved ones at every Christmas markets in London.

When will the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square be lightened up in 2013?

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree 2013When will the Christmas tree from Norway at Trafalgar Square be lightened in 2013?

Thank you for the question. So far the date has not yet been published, but as soon as it is published we will get back with further information on the subject. However, based on the dates from the earlier years we can see a pattern and make a guess at the date when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square will be enlightened in 2013.

Dates when the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square was lightened up in previous years.

  • 2013 – December 6th (Thursday)
  • 2012 – December 1st (Thursday)
  • 2011 – December 2nd (Thursday)

Based on these dates our guess is that the date when the Christmas tree will be lightened up in 2013 is
December 5th (Thursday), 18.00

However, this is only a guess and we will get back with more information when it is published (normally in September/October).

London questions and answers!

Are there any Christmas conserts at the 23rd, 24th, 25th of November in London?

Thank you for the question. There are quite some things going on in this period, though much more will take place in London in December. Here you will find suggestions for some activities or concerts in this period, but unfortunately most of them does not have much to do with Christmas.

On all three dates you can see the show named Raymond Gubbay Limited presents Classical Spectacular in Royal Albert Hall in London. On 24th and 25th of November this show will be available twice a day. There are quite some concerts and classical events going on in the same period, so on November 24th there will be a Robbie Williams concert in London, you can see the Swan Lake in the Royal Opera House and on November 25th you can enjoy a Rolling Stones concert in the O2 Arena of London. But, as you can understand this does not have much to do with Christmas, so it might be hard to find a real Christmas event.

Some websites tell of Christmas carol concerts in St. Pauls Cathedral every evening from November 25th, but this is not confirmed by the website of the church itself, and not many websites write about this, so guess this is only a rumor and some wrong information available on the net.

Christmas concerts in London