Christmas market in London

Before we start to list the fantastic Christmas markets, it is worth to tell some words about the English Christmas traditions. The Christmas preparation usually starts in October, so it is 100% sure, visitors can see full decorated streets and shops everywhere in November, and the first Santa Clauses appear at the street to the end of the month. The preparation of the big happening also starts a few weeks before the holiday.

On 24 December British people usually spend their time with friends and they also set up the Christmas tree at this day, however there are places where they prepare it at November. Gifting usually happens at 25 December, what is followed by the fantastic lunch. The Anglo-Saxon food traditions are the turkey filled with chestnuts, the mushed potato and cranberry sauce, after that they eat the traditional English Christmas spicy pudding, what is a little bit different and individual in every home.

In the English capital, London visitors can run into a Christmas market or event everywhere in the city. Two really special programs are the ice skating-rink at the Natural History Museum and the free winter miracle at the Hyde Park. There are lots of programs here for children and adults as well. Naturally there is Christmas market too at Hyde Park, but there is big wheel, meeting with Santa Claus and fantastic joys for everyone. You can find the perfect gift for your loved ones at every Christmas markets in London.

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