Where can I watch Serbia – Scotland live on March 26th?

Serbia is playing against Scotland in the World Cup qualification on March 26th. If you want to watch the match you can do so easily online, meaning that you do not have to move to the UK to watch it on the television there or go to Serbia to see the match live there. Here is how!

The Serbia vs. Scotland which will be played in Novi Sad at the Karadorde stadium will be broadcasted on BBC One Scotland. The match is of great importance to both teams so you can expect it to be tense and exciting, and both teams will fight to the bone to get bring three points home after this match.

Unfortunately BBC One Scotland can only be seen online by those with a UK IP address. Luckily it is easy to get hold of a UK IP address, so all you need to do is to make a subscription to the VPN service named HideMyAss, download their software and connect to a server in the UK. You will then be ready to go within a few seconds and you can watch the killer match between Serbia and Scotland on March 26th from Serbia and Novi Sad.

I you would rather watch the match between Montenegro and England you can watch that using the same technology, but then you will need to watch ITV instead of BBC One Scotland.

To get a good speed on such an online web program you need to have a speed of about 3Mbps on your Internet connection. Most Internet connections today offer such speeds easily, but sometimes a VPN connection might take speed and make it slower. It can therefore be worth checking your Internet speed, at least if you feel as if the quality is bad on the transmission while you watch the World Cup qualification match between Serbia and Scotland. You can find such an Internet speed test in the link and you will also find link to server other sites performing such speed tests in the same article.