Capital FM Summertime Ball

Capital FM Summertime Ball

Capital FM Summertime BallLondon is for sure one of the most amazing places on earth to live. Within the coming months hot events will take place in the city such as the two Lady GaGa concerts, Andre Rieu will come, Coldplay will come, Madonna will come, Hard Rock Calling will be arranged in Hyde Park and lots of other goodies are also planned. But, not along ago a new event was announced, and this might in fact beat all the others. Capital FM Summertime Ball is THE event to visit in London in 2012. Why? There will be thousands of people as the Wembley Stadium is packed with people ready to party on in the sunshine on June 9th. If it gets packed you might expect more than 100,000 people to be there at the Capital FM Summertime Ball on June 9th. But, why should so many people come to London for this event?

Well, on that day you will be able to see live and listen to: Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Usher, Example, Jessie J and Ed Sheraan. Do you get it now? This will be one of the hottest events in Europe this year, and you are hereby invited to check it out yourself. Only one week earlier Coldplay will arrange two concerts in London, but for this event you will not only hear Coldplay, but all the other artists mentioned as well.

IF you would like to be there at Capital FM Summertime Ball you better grab hold of your tickets (order them) as soon as possible, and then start counting down the days until the event takes place.

There will also be other artists in addition to the ones mentioned, so you have plenty of reasons to come to this event. Last year, in 2011, visitors could listen to for example: Jennifer Lopez, JLS, Ne-Yo, The Wanted, Grime princess Katy B, “Forget You”‘s Cee- Lo Green, Jessie J, Mike Posner, Example and Wretch 32.

The event will last for a day, but at the stadium you can buy food, drinks and everything you need should be able to get there.

Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012
Wembley Stadium
June 9th


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