Freya Ridings London 2019

On November 22nd, Freya Ridings will perform in London. She is one of the up and coming artists in our world today, and she has been embraced by Taylor Swift and other stars. Would you like to be there at the Freya Ridings concert in London?

Freya Ridings has more than 150,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and her latest song named Castles has been seen by more than 3,000,000 people the last month.

Her most popular video is named Lost Without You, and it has been seen by nearly 10,000,000 people on YouTube. Of course, such numbers cannot be compared with the numbers of Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and other super-stars, but Freya Ridings if for sure moving in the right direction.

Freya Ridings concert in London

As Freya Ridings come to London on November 22nd, she will sing in Eventim Apollo. This is a great concert venue, and where better to buy tickets for the concert than directly from Eventim?

  • Freya Ridings tickets at Eventim.

The cheapest tickets will cost you around 20 GBP, and that is a fair price for such a fantastic concert. Check the link above to find the tickets that you want and need to the Freya Ridings concert in London.

Freya Riding

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Experience Mamma Mia! The Party in London!

Are you ready for a real Mamma Mia party in London? From August 30th until February 16th in 2020, you can be a part of a five-hour-long Mamma Mia experience in the O2 Arena in London!

Björn Ulvaeus is the creator of this brand new Mamma Mia project. The show could first be seen in Stockholm (Sweden), and more than 300,000 people enjoyed the show there. But, now it will be moved to London and you are invited to check it out as well!

If you want to get a feeling of what the show is all about, take a look at the trailer above. As you can see, this is not an ordinary concert. This is a full-evening program including a three-course Mediterranean meal, lots of music and songs, dancing, and simply a stunning party for you to remember for years and years after it actually happened!

Mamma Mia Party in a Greek Taverna

As you have seen in the trailer, this is not a normal concert venue either. Here you are, in the middle of the music, eating and enjoying your food in a Greek taverna. But, from time to time action takes place and you will be able to sing along, dance, eat and have the party of your lifetime, listening to some of the biggest hits in music history.

Tickets for the Mamma Mia Party

If you want to buy tickets for the Mamma Mia Party in the O2 Arena in London, visit Eventim for the best prices, straight from the official ticket company.

Join the Mamma Mia Party in London!
From the Mamma Mia Party (Source: Economist)

Mamma Mia Party dates in London

The first evening is August 30th, and it is all supposed to finish on February 16th. But, as it is quickly getting sold out, I would not be surprised if they would keep the show running for a much longer time in the end.

The show is normally starting around 18.30 in the evening, but on weekends, they often run two shows a day, one starting at 12.00 and the other at 18.30.

All Points East Festival in London 2018 (Bjork)

There will be some fantastic days in London in the Victoria Park in May 2018. Lots of artists will come to take part in the All Points East festival, and one of the highlights will be the Bjork concerts.

We do not know exactly when Bjork will perform during the All Points East festival, but sometime between May 25th and 27th, she will for sure. It is possible to buy tickets for single days, or for the entire event at Viagogo if you would like to be there at the event. You can check the homepage of the All Points East festival right here.

Bjork London

Since we do not know when the actual Bjork concert will be during the festival will be yet, it is hard to say anything. But, we do know that Bjork is an amazing artist with a voice that you can recognize easily on the radio whenever you hear it. She is not only an artist, she is also a pioneer. Last year she became the first famous artist to give away cryptocurrency to those purchasing her album. Everyone buying a piece of her newest album got 100 Audiocoins together with the album. Back then the value of 100 Audiocoins were about 0,19 USD. Today the value is around 0,6 Dollar, meaning that her gift is worth three times more today than when the album was originally released. Are you hodling those Audiocoins? What is hodling? A few years ago some guy wrote hodl instead of hold (when he spoke of the importance of holding your cryptocurrency as the value will increase with time), and since then, hodl has turned into a commonly used expression in the crypto-society. The Audiocoin is still a small cryptocurrency compared to the hundred biggest currencies, but maybe it will increase in size and power in the coming years. If more artists decide to do as Bjork, it for sure will!

Are you going to the All Points East festival?

It doesn’t sound like the coolest event to us. Bjork is cool, but there are so many other great places to go and visit in London, so we would probably listen to Bjork at a concert somewhere else in the world, and spend our money elsewhere in London!


Lady Gaga concerts in London

Lady Gaga concertAfter two concerts in Paris, Lady Gaga will arrive to London to perform in O2 Arena on October 9th and October 11th. Sounds cool?

Lady Gaga will visit quite a lot of cities in Europe in 2017. After visiting some other continents, she will arrive to Barcelona where she will perform in Palau Sant Jordi on September 21st and 22nd. Following her Barcelona concert, cities such as Zurich, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and Antwerpen will be visited, but for us in the UK, the concerts in London will be the highlight.

If you want to be there at one of the Lady Gaga concerts in London, then you can buy your tickets for Viagogo (use the link beneath).

Lady Gaga concerts in London

October 9th and 11th
O2 Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

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Robbie Williams London 2017

Robbie Williams London 2017On June 23rd at 17.00 Robbie Williams will perform in London at the London Stadium. This is his only London concert during his tour, so make sure to be there!

Robbie Williams will perform in lots of cities all across Europe during his 2017 tour. The tour is named The Heavy Entertainment Tour, and if you haven’t bought the latest Robbie Williams album carrying the same name yet, then this is the time. Before coming to London Robbie Williams will perform in Dublin and in Cardiff. After the London concert Robbie Williams will travel on towards central Europe where he will perform in Dusseldorf, and after that the tour goes on to Paris, Nijmegen, Hannover, Verona and lots of other cities across Europe.

The Robbie Williams concert in London on June 23rd will only be one out of many fantastic concerts in London this summer. Before Robbie Williams comes to London another famous British band Depeche Mode will perform in London. Guns N Roses will also have several concerts in London just before the Robbie Williams concert date. And once Robbie Williams has left London, Adele fans can prepare for several Adele concerts in London. And let us not forget about U2, Justin Bieber and Deep Purple, other bands that will come to perform in London in the coming months!

Robbie Williams London 2017

London Stadium
June 23rd, 17.00

Tickets: Viagogo

You can buy tickets to the Robbie Williams concert in London, and all other Robbie Williams concerts, using the link above. Visit the site and search for Robbie Williams, and you will find tickets for all his concerts across Europe at once.