All Points East 2024

All Points East Festival is an annual music festival in London. It takes place in Victoria Park. The festival lasts approximately ten days, during which visitors can enjoy a series of concerts, performances, and events. Some of the events are free, while others require you to buy a ticket (which can be fairly expensive).

To get to the festival area, travel by metro to Mile End Station, then walk for 15-20 minutes to get to Victoria Park. If you love walking, you can walk from the Tower of London to Victoria Park in approximately one hour.

All Points East 2024

There are different line-ups each year. You can find concrete information about which artists will come at

Dates: August 17 – 25, 2024 (it might start earlier and/or last longer)
Location: Victoria Park

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All Points East Festival in London 2018 (Bjork)

There will be some fantastic days in London in the Victoria Park in May 2018. Lots of artists will come to take part in the All Points East festival, and one of the highlights will be the Bjork concerts.

We do not know exactly when Bjork will perform during the All Points East festival, but sometime between May 25th and 27th, she will for sure. It is possible to buy tickets for single days, or for the entire event at Viagogo if you would like to be there at the event. You can check the homepage of the All Points East festival right here.

Bjork London

Since we do not know when the actual Bjork concert will be during the festival will be yet, it is hard to say anything. But, we do know that Bjork is an amazing artist with a voice that you can recognize easily on the radio whenever you hear it. She is not only an artist, she is also a pioneer. Last year she became the first famous artist to give away cryptocurrency to those purchasing her album. Everyone buying a piece of her newest album got 100 Audiocoins together with the album. Back then the value of 100 Audiocoins were about 0,19 USD. Today the value is around 0,6 Dollar, meaning that her gift is worth three times more today than when the album was originally released. Are you hodling those Audiocoins? What is hodling? A few years ago some guy wrote hodl instead of hold (when he spoke of the importance of holding your cryptocurrency as the value will increase with time), and since then, hodl has turned into a commonly used expression in the crypto-society. The Audiocoin is still a small cryptocurrency compared to the hundred biggest currencies, but maybe it will increase in size and power in the coming years. If more artists decide to do as Bjork, it for sure will!

Are you going to the All Points East festival?

It doesn’t sound like the coolest event to us. Bjork is cool, but there are so many other great places to go and visit in London, so we would probably listen to Bjork at a concert somewhere else in the world, and spend our money elsewhere in London!