Exhibition on Picasso portraits


Would you like to get to know more about Picasso? Maybe you have seen his paintings, but have you seen the portraits painted by him? Visit the National Portrait Gallery in London to learn more.


Between October 6th 2016 and February 5th 2017 there will be a fantastic exhibition on display in the National Portrait Gallery in London. On this exhibition you can see more than eighty works of Pablo Picasso showing his skills as a portrait painter. What makes his paintings so interesting is that they often differ a lot, and you will see his skills used in different ways in the different paintings.

Some of the works to be displayed in this exhibition are famous all around the world, while some of the works on display will be shown in the UK for the very first time. The exhibition is a cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

Picasso portraits exhibition in London

National Portrait Gallery
October 6th, 2016 – February 5th, 2017

Entrance fee: £19 or £17 (there are discounted tickets as well, but this is the general admission fee).

Visitors are recommended to book their tickets beforehand, and that can be done right here.

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