Top football matches in London in September 2016

The Premier League is going strong and in September it is also time for the Premier League to start. Here are the best football matches to be played in London in September 2016.

There are quite a lot of clubs belonging to London, but the most famous London clubs are of course Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal. West Ham is also a big club, but they are still living in the shadows of the three big and popular London clubs. All of these teams will play in London in September 2016, but not all matches are as interesting as the other matches. Here we have selected a few highlights and if you are a football fan you will for sure find something to watch.

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The biggest of all matches

Manchester United vs Manchester City on September 10th

The biggest of all matches to be played in England in September 2016 will unfortunately not be played in London, but we have to mention it anyway. On September 10th it is time for Jose Mourinho and his disciples in Manchester United to play against Pep Guardiola and his disciples in Manchester City. This will be a fantastic match and people from all across the globe will  be looking forward to see this match. If you want to watch this and other Premier League matches online you can find more information here.

Paul Pogba and Manchester United will play against Manchester City on September 10th
Paul Pogba and Manchester United will play against Manchester City on September 10th
Euro 2016: Francia-Irlanda link diretta” (CC BY 2.0) by NazionaleCalcio

Tottenham vs Monaco on September 14th

It has been a while since Tottenham played in the Champions League, but now they are back in the most important club tournament in the world. Their opening match will be against Monaco, a team that recently won against PSG in French Ligue 1, something they also managed to do in the 2015-2016 Ligue 1 season. They have a strong squad, but is it strong enough to stop Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen at White Hart Lane? The London fans will be cheering with all their strength for their favorite team. Will you be among the fans?

Chelsea vs Liverpool on September 16th

It will be heated up atmosphere as Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool comes to Stamford Bridge on September 16th. Liverpool hasn’t been entirely successful so far this season, but that has also been due to bad luck and not scoring those necessary goals. In their last London match against Tottenham they ruled the match, but with a Spurs goal in the end of the second half the match still ended with a draw. As they travel to play against Chelsea on September 16th the opponent will be even harder, and we all wonder if it will be to hard a nut to crack for Jurgen Klopp?

Arsenal vs Chelsea on September 24th

If you want to be there at a real London derby, then the match between Arsenal and Chelsea on September 24th at the Emirates Stadium is the place to be. Who will win this London fight? Can Arsene Wenger and Arsenal stop Antonio Conte and his Chelsea team who have started the Premier League 2016-2017 season in such an impressing way? Arsenal has recently bought new players to strengthen their squad, but will these new players be enough to keep them in the top of the Premier League this season as well? Be there at Emirates Stadium on September 24th to find out!

Arsenal vs Basel on September 28th

You might think that this will be a boring match, but Basel is by far the best football team in Switzerland and it will not be an easy task for Arsenal at Emirates Stadium to beat the Swiss champions. If you want to watch the match on the Internet then it will be broadcasted on for example Fox Soccer 2 Go in the United States or you can watch it on SRF in Switzerland. We will of course cheer for Arsenal as a London team, but we have a feeling this might become a tougher match than most people would expect.

These were the football highlights that you can look forward to in London in September 2016. Will you be able to attend any of these matches? If you come to town make sure to visit London Eye and check out some attractions as well before match-start, and why not grab a traditional fish and chips for lunch on match-day?

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