Is it hard to find free Wi-Fi in London?


I am a bit worried. I will go to London before Christmas and need to work from my laptop during my stay. Is it hard to find free Wi-Fi in London?

Traveling to London for work and leisure at the same time is more and more common. In fact not only people doing business travel is in need of Wi-Fi / Internet access, but it is just as important for normal travelers in these days. After all, what are you supposed to do with all those images saved to your phone? You are for sure supposed to upload them to Instagram and Facebook and maybe send them to your family at home using WhatsApp. It can however be a very expensive activity to send high resolution images like that using a 3G or 4G connection. For that reason you need to use a Wi-Fi connection, making sure that you will not be charged for the data you use. So, how can that be done? Is it hard to find free Wi-Fi in London?


How hard is it to find free Wi-Fi in London?

It is just as hard to find a free Wi-Fi in London as it is to see red buses. Is that hard? No, not at all! It is very easy to find free Wi-Fi in London, but you should be aware of the fact that free Wi-Fi often comes at a cost. What do I mean?

If you decide to grab a cup of coffee in Starbucks while in London you will be offered free Wi-Fi. But, to be able to enjoy the free Wi-Fi you will have to buy your coffee first, and that ain’t free. If you visit a restaurant you will need to order first and then you can use the free Wi-Fi. So, it comes for free, but you will often have to purchase something first in order to use the free Wi-Fi available at the place.

The same is true with hotels!

Most hotels come with free Wi-Fi available for their visitors. A general advise is to check out this as you book your hotel. Read through the hotel policy when it comes to Wi-Fi, and check out whether it is free or if you have to pay extra for this. Often hotels will charge you a lot for Wi-Fi (if it isn’t included), so make sure to check it out before you book your room.

Now you might just want to enter into a hotel to use their Wi-Fi, but normally it doesn’t work that way. The Wi-Fi code to the hotel network is normally written down inside the hotel rooms themselves, meaning that they do not have open and free networks, but password protected and encrypted networks. If you ever meet a hotel with free open Wi-Fi you should however be careful actually using that, because such connection are easy to interrupt and people with bad intention can take use of your confidential data. If you hotel is using an open Wi-Fi network without password protection, we suggest that you use a VPN to remain safe! You can read more about VPN connections and services here.

Some hotels with free Wi-Fi in London

Would you like to get the names on some of the hotels with free Wi-Fi in London? Look no further.

  • Corinthia Hotel London – one of the most exclusive and best hotels in all of London.
  • Egerton House Hotel – said to be one of the best hotels in London and currently rated as the third best by TripAdvisor. That is a fantastic rating, so a brilliant place to stay with free WiFi.
  • The Levin – a four star hotel, not as luxurious as the two mentioned hotels, but still a perfect solution if you need a free Internet connection in your hotel room while in London.

We can not guarantee that these hotels will have free Wi-Fi available forever. Please check as you do your London hotel booking at

Enjoy your stay and please write a comment if you have something on your heart!


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