Lady Gaga London 2012 – You can reborn Gaga’s way

Previous news spread all over London that Gaga is coming in July 2012 to shake the whole city with her extreme character. Well, unfortunately the prophecy failed. Now we have the good news, the concert was not cancelled just modified for September the 8th. Location is the Twickenham Stadium. This is the largest rugby stadium in the world and now it has the capacity to seat 82 000 people.

Tickets are available on the main websites and not only for London but for Paris and Amsterdam as well. For those who are afraid of not getting tickets in time, here is another good news: Gaga gives a second concert in London on the 9th of September. Location is the same.

Her tour in 2012 received the name: Born this way Ball so you can hear the latest and famous songs from her albums. Songs that for sure comes: Judas, Bad Romance, Just Dance, Poker Face, Alejandro, Paparazzi, Born this way. Organizers are also promising huge shows, fabulous decorations, extreme highlights. On some webpages you can even check the plan of the whole arrangement of the stage however Gaga in an interview told that she keeps some surprises for the fans and it is just the beginning.

The tour style is going to be Electro-Metal Pop-Opera. You can follow the latest news about the tour in Lady Gaga’s Twitter side and Facebook. Lady Gaga was rated as the biggest star of the year, she gets hundreds and thousands voters giving her the best ranks in high categories. Do not miss the concert and show one of the world’s most popular celebration.

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