Roger Waters concert in London

Roger Waters London 2013

The rhymes of The Wall are familiar for everybody, we could say, this album became the recognizance of the band, Pink Floyd. In this September you would be the part of this legend, because Roger Waters, the main creator of The Wall, as well as the ex-bass guitar player and one singer visit London as one stop of his European tour. However he has started solo career in 1985, now he brings us The Wall with full technology visual and audio.

The album, The Wall was released in 30 November 1979, its special; it’s a conception album and a rock opera too. Both of fans and critics said this is the best album of the band, and it has inspired lots of other bands’ work. 11 million albums in the USA and 30 million albums in the whole world have sold. Roger Waters wrote a script from this and Alan Parker recorded a musical titled The Wall based on Waters’ work. It was showed in 1982.

Roger Waters became successful as a founder of the Pink Floyd, but he has started solo career after 1985 and he has reached successes at this too. He released three studio albums, wrote an opera, and gave the greatest concert in the rock history when he played the whole The Wall in Berlin, on 1990.

If you are a Pink Floyd fan, or you just curious for this monumental and surely unforgettable concert, you could see it on 14 September 2013 in the legendary Wembley Stadium in London. Have a great time!

Roger Waters London 2013

September 14th
Wembley Stadium

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Roger Waters London 2013
Roger Waters London 2013

Just a few days before the Roger Waters concert in London the same guy will perform in Budapest on August 25th. Why not combine a weekend to Budapest with this excellent concert?

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