Amy Macdonald London 2012

Amy Macdonald London 2012On November 6th Amy Macdonald will return to London to give her fans a great concert again. This time she will be touring lots of European cities and she will visit Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels and several other cities, but the most important stop is of course the one she makes in London. The concert venue for this cool London concert is the Royal Festival Hall which is located near the Waterloo Bridge, near the Royal Botanic Gardens. Why not combine a visit to the botanic gardens with a beautiful concert with Amy Macdonald?

Amy Macdonald has recently released a new album (June 2012), so make sure to buy this and listen to the CD a couple of times before the concert, just to be well prepared for the songs which you will hear during her London concert. The Royal Festival Hall is a part of the so called Soutbank Centre, which also have galleries and other nice places within its walls and property. The Festival Hall itself has space for almost 3000 people . The nearest metro stations are Waterloo and Embankment. They started the construction of the concert venue in 1949, which is in fact 36 years before the birth of Amy Macdonald, as she was born only in 1985 making her 27 years old at the moment.

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Amy Macdonald 2012 London

Royal Festival Hall
November 6th

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