Where can I watch Manchester City – Real Madrid online on the web?

I am a Manchester City fan and wonder where I can see the Manchester City vs. Real Madrid match online on the web for free? Can you help me!

Thank you for the question. The match between Manchester City and Real Madrid will be played on November 21st, starting at 19.45 British time (20.45 CET). This is a very important match for Manchester City, so if you are a fan you better watch and cheer them to victory. There are probably several ways to see the match, but one great way is to watch the Slovakian TV channel Jednotka live on the net. They normally broadcast these matches and you do not need any special stuff to see these matches. You simple go to their webpage and enjoy the match.

Manchester City vs Real Madrid online on the web
Manchester City vs Real Madrid online on the web

Sometimes they might add some sort of geo IP limitations, meaning that only people with Slovakian IP address can watch the broadcast. Last time we watched a match live on Jednotka we did not have any problems with that, but in case they will change it this can easily be arranged using the program HideMyAss. We have earlier written an article about how to get a UK IP address, and the principle is the same when you need a Slovakian IP address. Read that article here! There are lots of other similar article available in the different city guides from WorldCityGuides, and if you for example would like to see the Italian channel Rai 1 live from outside Italy, you can find instructions on that subject here.

Good luck, hope you get to see the match and go Manchester City!