How can I watch ITV live on the web from outside UK?

I am currently out traveling and would like to watch ITV live on the web tonight. Do you have the address of their live stream on the net where I can watch the show? Also, I have heard that many get error message and that the stream is only available from within the UK. Is that so? If yes, what can I do to fix the problem?

Thank you for the question! Your question is very good one and we believe many others have the same question as you have. In the bottom of the text you will find several links to things mentioned in this text, and there you will also find the link to the official live stream from ITV. This is not only for ITV 1, but there you can also watch ITV 2, ITV 3 and ITV 4. So you will find the link further down in the text.

Watch ITV live from outside the UK

IF you want to watch ITV from outside the UK that is a bit more challenging. It is not enough to visit the live feed for ITV, because they have a so called geoblock on their live feed. The geoblock means that the broadcast is only available for people inside a certain geographical area. In this case the geographical area is the UK. Thus only people with a UK ip address will be able to see the online stream from ITV. If you try to watch the live stream from outside the UK you will normally see the following error message.

itv error message
itv error message

If you see the above error message the solution to the problem is to get a UK ip address. That is not as hard as it sounds. HideMyAss is the name of a provider which have servers all around the world. Once you register with them you can download their software and with that software a VPN will be created. This connects you to a server in the UK (if you decide to connect to a server in the UK) and then you will at once get a UK IP address. Once you have this UK IP address you should restart your browser and go to the ITV live stream. This should now work perfect. Writing this article we have now started HideMyAss and connected to a server in London and we try the live stream again, and we get the following picture which is from the live stream showing Juventus play against Chelsea in the Champions League. As you understand this is a great way to see live football matches, X Factor, Britains Got Talent, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, This Morning, Benidorm, The Cube, Take me Out, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Loose Women, Dancing on Ice, Lorraine, Countrywise Daybreak and other tv shows from ITV online from outside UK in an easy way.

ITV 1 online from outside UK
It works! We are watching ITV online on the web from outside the UK

– ITV1 live stream

Our friends in the Rome Guide have written a very similar article which deals with how to watch Rai Uno online from outside Italy. This works exactly the same way, which again means that if you use the HideMyAss software you can at any time watch Italian TV live when getting an Italian IP address. You can also watch lots of other broadcasts closed by geoblock in other nations, so great value for your money!

Where can I watch Manchester City – Real Madrid online on the web?

I am a Manchester City fan and wonder where I can see the Manchester City vs. Real Madrid match online on the web for free? Can you help me!

Thank you for the question. The match between Manchester City and Real Madrid will be played on November 21st, starting at 19.45 British time (20.45 CET). This is a very important match for Manchester City, so if you are a fan you better watch and cheer them to victory. There are probably several ways to see the match, but one great way is to watch the Slovakian TV channel Jednotka live on the net. They normally broadcast these matches and you do not need any special stuff to see these matches. You simple go to their webpage and enjoy the match.

Manchester City vs Real Madrid online on the web
Manchester City vs Real Madrid online on the web

Sometimes they might add some sort of geo IP limitations, meaning that only people with Slovakian IP address can watch the broadcast. Last time we watched a match live on Jednotka we did not have any problems with that, but in case they will change it this can easily be arranged using the program HideMyAss. We have earlier written an article about how to get a UK IP address, and the principle is the same when you need a Slovakian IP address. Read that article here! There are lots of other similar article available in the different city guides from WorldCityGuides, and if you for example would like to see the Italian channel Rai 1 live from outside Italy, you can find instructions on that subject here.

Good luck, hope you get to see the match and go Manchester City!

How to get a UK IP address?

I moved from England quite long time ago, but I am in need of a UK IP address to see some television shows, and also for some other stuff. Can you tell me how I can get hold of a UK IP address?

Thank you for the question! There are quite some ways in which you can get hold of a UK IP address. There are proxy servers around which can help you in the matter, and with some small adjustments in your web browser this can be done. This solution is though unstable and not at all that good. A very good solution is a service provided from HideMyAss. This is a serious company with lots of people already subscribing to their services and their product looks as follows.

UK IP address with HideMyAss

First you visit their website and you subscribe to their service for one month (for example). After subscribing, paying (about 11 USD) and creating your username and password you will get an email with information about where you can download their program. The program is downloaded within seconds and then you simply open the program and add your username and password to it. Then you will find a long list of servers all around the world to choose between, and lots of the servers are located in the UK. Choose one of these servers and connect. In 10-15 seconds you will be connected to the server and as of then you will surf the web with a UK IP address, making activities on the net available to you wherever you are in the world, which earlier was only possible for people in the UK. On some occasions you will need to restart your web browser, but after that this will work perfect!

What does this service actually do? HideMyAss has servers all around the world, and as you start the program and connect to one of the servers a so called VPN is created. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is a technology for using the Internet or another intermediate network to connect computers to isolated remote computer networks that would otherwise be inaccessible. A VPN provides varying levels of security so that traffic sent through the VPN connection stays isolated from other computers on the intermediate network, either through the use of a dedicated connection from one “end” of the VPN to the other, or through encryption. (source: Wikipedia).

Thus with such a connection your surfing on the net will be encrypted and safe, so no people around you can get hold of your data or information.

We have tried HideMyAss ourselves and it worked perfect, so we can warmly recommend it to others. With the program you can also get IP addresses in all the other nations with such servers, so you will not only be able to get a UK IP address, but also Norwegian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and lots of other IP addresses.

PS: if you are not satisfied with the service you have a 30 day pay-back guarantee!