Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Would you like to see and experience a fantastic flower show in London? There is an annual event arranged in May yearly named the Chelsea Flower Show. It is arranged in the garden of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and it attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. That number could easily be bigger, but there is a limit to the number of visitors allowed to enter the area.

The flower show has been arranged since 1912 and it has a fantastic reputation. The royal family visits the show every year, and many other celebrities take a look at the show besides the royal family. If you want to visit this event, you need to purchase your tickets online before you arrive. It is probably smart to arrange with your tickets as quickly as possible due to the limited number of tickets available.

Chelsea Flower Show

Dates for the event in 2024.

May 21 – May 25th in 2024

Opening times:

  • Tuesday – Wednesday (RHS members only), – 8.00-20.00
  • Thursday – Friday, 8.00-20.00
  • Friday Late Night Event, 17.30-22.00
  • Saturday, 8.00-17.30

How to buy tickets for the event?

chelsea flower show

As you can see above, the first two days are only available to RHS members, meaning that you should plan on visiting the area on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. You could, of course, become an RHS member. The price of a RHS membership is more than £50 per year. This membership will give you free entrance to the garden throughout the year, except for the time of the Chelsea Flower Show.

The entrance fee to the event for normal persons varies between £40 and £70. A ticket for the entire day is more expensive than if you buy a ticket valid between 15.30 and 20.00. But, the tickets are quickly sold out, so you better be quick if this is a program you would like to experience.

The event is arranged by RHS (Royal Horticultural Society). This is a fantastic organization that works all across the UK. They have similar flower shows in other cities, and they educate on topics such as gardening. You can find lots of useful tips and advice on their website.

Chelsea Flower Show

If you like flowers and would like to see what claims to be the largest flower show in the world, you better hurry up and come to London to check out the Chelsea Flower Show right now. The flower show takes place at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and here you can see grounds transformed into show gardens, inspirational small gardens and vibrant horticultural displays. And these grounds are what make up the world’s most famous flower show. More than 150,000 visitors check out this festival every year, so you should not expect to be alone as you visit the Chelsea Flower Show, but that is just giving it even more atmosphere. It feels almost kind of similar to visiting Keukenhof in Holland each year in the tulip season.

Practical information:
Royal Hospital Chelsea
Royal Hospital Road

Dates: May 22nd-26th. Opening times 8:00-20.00 (Saturday – Sunday from 8.00-17.30)

Chelsea Flower Show