Activities for children in London

Children in LondonIn this short article we will list some of the best programs for children in London.

There are loads of families coming to London with children, and if that is you, it is useful to be well prepared so that you have some programs ready when the children grow impatient and looking for something more interesting that walking around and listening to stories about famous attractions in London.

ZSL London Zoo (Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY)
The first activity from our list is the London Zoo. The London Zoo is definitely one of the best choice if we are with children in London. The London Zoo is among the oldest and also the largest zoos in Europe which was opened in 1826. The zoo has all kind of animals (monkeys, lions, tigers and other big cats, various spiders, hippos, giraffes, snakes, birds etc). Apart from the animals the zoo also offers a wide selection of programs and various activities for all the visitors. London Zoo is open daily from 10 in the morning.

Sea Life London (County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB)
Our second favourite thing to do with kids in London is the London Aquarium. The London Aquarium gives home to one of the largest collections of the sea life in Europe which is a perfect activity for kids in London. The aquarium is located in the centre of the city, really close to London Waterloo and the London Eye as well so it is pretty easy to get there with public transportation. At the Aquarium visitors can check out the various animals that live in the sea including sharks, turtles, lobsters, jellyfish, rays, piranhas, penguins, crocodiles and so on.

Unicorn Theatre (147 Tooley Street, London SE1 2HZ)
The third activity is the Unicorn Theatre which is located only 5 minutes from London Bridge station. The Unicorn Theatre offers special shows for smaller children and Unicorn Theatre is one of the leading professional children theatres in London which gives home to special shows and various other activities and programs as well.

City Farms in London
Our other favourite children’s program in London is the city farms. At the city farms children can see a range of farm animals such as horses, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, cows and so on. Most of the city farms in London are located nearby to a local park and many of them are free to enter as well.

Public playgrounds and parks
The last activity from our list is the public parks and playgrounds in London. Central London has several parks (Hyde Park which has three playgrounds, Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, Greenwich Park, Clapham Common and so on) and playgrounds which are perfect programs for toddlers and older children as well.